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Fans want Warzone to have an Apex Legends feature

Battle Royale Games usually feature only a map available. In this way, developers have to offer locations that last for months, and each of the great competitors has their own way of facing this topic. However, it seems that fans of _ Warzone _ are not as happy with how this aspect has been handled, and * want Raven to take an option from apex legends, and implement it in your game * .

When a Warzone Player Playing Apex Legends
Recently, the Reddit of Call of Duty Warzone was filled with comments on the part of the fans wishing that the rotation of maps that uses apex legends is implemented. The respawn game has several scenarios, but each one is only available for a certain time , giving it a constant freshness to the game. In this way, fans want warzone do the same.

So far, _ Warzone_ has counted on three maps: Verdansk, Verdansk 84 and Caldera . Although the idea of ​​fans sounds attractive, each of these scenarios has been linked with the launch of one of the main titles of Call of Duty, so implementing a rotation is something complicated.

On related topics, new operators have been filtered for warzone and vanguard. Similarly, warzone will not go from PlayStation, it ensures Activision.