Borderlands 3

“Bodaran” spin-off “Wonderland-Tiny Tina and Magic World” Latest Game Play Introduction Video!

2K has published the latest gameplay introduction video of “Borderlands” series latest work “ Wonderlands-Tiny Tina and Magical World “. This time, “Wonderland Welcome to Wonderlands” is a “Grave Bone” who specializes in black magic and the guardian “Spore Warden” of the forest, and the features and skills of two classes.

# Gravebone

Gravebone, who believes in the grim reaper, can change the pain and death of others to its strength, and its power will increase each time the enemy’s soul is poured off. Usually, death is something that should be fearful, but Grave Bone is rather pleased and even to allies. Following the old demon Rich, they know that blood is required for strength. It does not matter whether it is an enemy’s blood or his own blood….

# # Class Features

Gravebone uses the skill, magic, and black magic to death. It is not possible to impart pain to enemies using a buddy demonstrator-rich or sacrificial action skills, and to keep their vitality for that purpose. If Gravebone casts magic, Demi Rich also casts its own magic, and if you activate Kirskill, it will be summoned by hell.

# Spore Warden

A quick spore Warden is a guardian of the mysterious Wonderland forest. He value the deep connection with the natural world and is always wandering forest and swamps along with his buddy mushrooms that emit gas. He is good at destroying the enemy with a remote attack, and is also a man of a magic bow that can emerge a large number of mysterious arrows in addition to normal shooting.

# # Class Features

Spore Warden uses attack and attacks with buddy. He can not catch an enemy with shooting, and while blocking an Attractive tornado, he can greatly withdraw the ability of allies and buddy. Speed ​​and remote attack are the largest weapon of Spore Warden.

More detailed developer diary is posted on the official site. A “multi-class system” that allows you to select the adventure to some extent, and the chaotic fantasy world is created, and a scattered subquest, a background art that expresses the view of the world, etc. You can know the efforts to

“Wonderlands-Tiny Tina and Magical World” is scheduled to be released on March 25, 2022 for PC (Epic Games Store) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE.