Risk of Rain 2 devoile sa future extension, Survivors of the Void

Nice successes of 2020, Risk of Rain 2 logically provides for an extension to give a beautiful bone to gnaw to the fans of roguelite. Survivors of the void , it is his name, even appear on the next March 1 on PC, for a fortnight. Console (and stadia) versions will wait for the second quarter 2022.

All to his joy, the studio Hoopoo Games took advantage of an hour stream to present the first of the two survivors, Railgunner, designed to propose a fast play style that rewards TIMING and Petrichor V.

Its main weapon, the m99 sniper, aims at its name to target the weak points of the enemies precisely, for damage of 1000% with a guaranteed critical blow if the player is flying. And even more with the objects boosting critics. Connecting shots with the M99 triggers an active reload bar to railgunner, to speed up the rhythm of its shots and inflict + 500% additional basic damage to the next shot.

The survivor can also count on an XQR cartridge system that holds close remote enemies and inflict 100% damage. The concussion devices of the railgunner create an explosion zone propelled by the gravity that repels all that is within reach. Players can use concussion devices to launch railgunner quickly away from enemies, creating enough space between it and its enemies to align the mortal shot, or to disperse groups of monsters, separating them for targeted attacks.

Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void - Railgunner Simulacrum
Finally its special ability, supercharge, overload its railgun, to inflict 4,000% damage and 150% low-point damage. If the explosive supercharge breath can annihilate foraging enemies with good objects, this power obviously has a cost: after shooting, Railgunner’s weapons must recharge, which makes it unable to attack for five seconds, forcing rely on other devices to save his skin.


Risk of Rain 2 Survivors of the void – Presentation of Railgunner