Alexis Sanchez introduces Chile with double pack to victory in Bolivia

Chile that had to give up in La Paz on the treasurer Claudio Bravo, first came into the game at first. After the game was postponed due to strong rains for 30 minutes, the Chileans thus recorded the leadership through Alexis Sanchez after a short quarter of an hour, in whose directly transformed free-kick Cortes in goal Bolivia did not make the best figure (14th).

Bolivia is right before the break

As a result, however, the guests missed it, which is why the home owners came to compensation in the first half: After a corner football, the allocation in the defensive La Rojas did not fit optimally and the enrolled Enoumba headed against the significantly smaller medel to 1: 1 one (37.).

As a result of the side change, it looked for a long time after a point division before a true firework was burned out in the final quarter. The wild minutes were opened to conclude the competitive water battle by Nunez, who worried the renewed lead for the guests after the beautiful side change Sanchez ‘and thought of preparatory work Islas (77.).

Wild closing phase in La Paz

Shortly thereafter, Sanchez again worried the supposed decision (85th) with a beautiful solo to his double pack. But Bolivia did not occur and came in return to the headset, when Moreno nodded a cross from the right from a short distance across the line (88.).

Alexis Sánchez | Goleador Histórico | 39 Goles | Selección Chilena

However, a renewed compensation did not succeed the home team in La Paz anymore. Chile thus ensures three extremely important counters in the fight for the World Cup qualifier and puts the competition from Uruguay and Colombia under pressure.