These games excited 2021

The PlayStation 4 is still one of the most popular game consoles, which has already been presented in 2013. But the console from Sony is still in incredibly many households and ensures ongoing gaming fun. With the successor of the PlayStation 5, the manufacturer continues to have delivery difficulties and for this reason, the PlayStation 4 is still on everyone’s lips. In this article we want to introduce some of the most popular matches of last year. With a profit in a lottery you can get even easier one or the other game. At the popular Spanish lottery, the chances of high profits are particularly high through the El Gordo Jackpot. But now back to the trendy titles for the PlayStation 4.

GAMES I AM EXCITED FOR IN 2022! - Happy Console Gamer

It Takes Two

With this popular Koop game, which has been released in March 2021, one takes over as a player the roles of May and Cody. This is actually a couple that is shortly before a divorce. The daughter manages in history around this game to enchant the parents in small dolls. The two parents must now keep together in the game and share an adventure together to return to the original body at the end. As a player you can look forward to an action adventure of the top class at IT TAKES Two and to solve numerous puzzles together with a game partner and survive adventure.


With this ego shooter of the Swedish developer Hazelight Studios one takes over as a player the role of the figure Colt. This wakes up in the game surprisingly on a beach and is caught in a time loop. From this deadly loop, Colt can only escape if he brings a total of eight so-called visionaries around the corner on a day. But this is an extremely challenging task in which you first find out at what time is a visionary on what is for a place. If one find out, then one must first destroy a great horde of other henchmen to get into a boss fight against one of the visionary. In addition, in this successful ego shooter, the archenin din Julianna also makes life difficult. This game does not only offer wild ball shops, but also requires a degree of detective work to succeed in the end. With these tips, it is clearly simply to master the game successfully.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

At Action Adventure Kena: Bridge of Spirits, as a player of the Soul Guide Kena, you have to help the lost souls of dead to bring. However, this task does not just turn out in the game as simply, because the originally peaceful spirits have changed through a curse into evil and dangerous ghosts. In this classic action adventure, it is therefore your task to combat these monsters and free the deceased souls from these monsters. In addition to many fighting, this game also delights with varied puzzles and the possibility of improving its own abilities by collecting karma and jewels. An important role in Kena: Bridge of Spirits also the cuddly rottes. But these dark puddles are not only sugar sweet, but are also a great help in the fight against the monsters.