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The sixth season of Better Call Saul already has a release date

A couple of days ago a new teaser was released on the sixth season of Better Call Saul. The interesting thing about this advance was that he hid a track related to his possible release date, and once the fans deciphered the message, AMC decided to congratulate them by sharing a second advance that now confirms the exact day when this sixth part will reach television.

Via Twitter , the US chain revealed that it will be next April 18 When the sixth season of Better Call Saul Finally it is released:

This advance shows us Saul Goodman by removing your “looks” poster from a board. Those who provide information that can lead to the eventual capture of it will be rewarded with up to $ 5 million, so this illicit lawyer should certainly find a way to take care not only from justice, but of possible drug cartels that Go behind him.

Editor’s note: I think Better Call Saul was one of those series that took the world by surprise. From Breaking Bad, this character had already stolen the heart of many fans, but this new series has shown us an authentic development of characters that few productions have managed to do.