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Easy operation and deep! “Orioli World” This is a skateboard ACT series new work, a variety of new elements also packed with attractive-Previous play report

Private Division is a Skateboard Action “ Orioli World ” to work for ROLL7, PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / Nintendose Switch February 8, 2022 (PC is February 9 Sun) Release is scheduled.

This work is the latest work of the Ollioli series where the first work was released in 2014. The stage of this work is a pop atmosphere drawn by a toon shader. The player interacts with the character-rich appearance character while polishing the board arms, and runs through the world to meet the skate gods and to open up the way to “Narvana”.

In this article, the long-awaited series latest work “Oriori World” published the play report of the preview version. We will introduce the attractiveness of the refreshing skateboard action with easy operation. In addition, this work is a controller mandatory . I use the Xbox controller in the STEAM version.

# Mezai God’s place? The story of “Oriori World”!

“Ladlandia”, which is the stage of this work, is of course that the ground can be used as a course up to the top of the tree. “Sukheboard’s utopia”. According to the Legend of the Location, five gods called “ Skate Gods ” share the mountains, decide the tricks and create five areas after creating five areas “ Nalvana ” I say that I climbed it.

And in modern times, the skateboard of the skateboarding of one person appearing one generation is “ Skate Wizard ” and communicates with the gods. The story starts from the scene where the “Chiffon” of the current wizard retires and looking for a new successor with his companions. It is the main character that appeared at the end of the coffin’s join test.

First of all, create a character of the appearance. Customization items can be set from various designs to each of the skateboards, such as faces, hairstyles, clothes, etc. There are items such as standing pose and trick decision pose, and you can create a unique style of your own. Calculator customization can be changed freely during the game.

Characters are also completed, and it is the beginning of a trip to aim for “Nalvana”. In response to a tutorial that taught minimal operation as a join test, you will be able to go around the Ladlandia’s place with chiffons and friends. Even so, it depends on the choice, but the protagonist who came to receive a join test without knowing the term ride in terms. This will also lead to skate godf.

# Series familiar easy operation! The trick is deep!

The basic techniques of this work are roughly divided into a “A button” “L-stick” “R Stick” and “LR trigger” (button position is Xbox controller). The A button is used for basic movement such as “push (acceleration)” and “landing (landing)” or “manual” to tilt the board.

The most important L-stick used for “trick”. The trick is used for the Jump Basic Technique “Ary”, Flip, and “Grind” to get on the rail, and you can not overcome the stage gimmick if you do not use tricks. Also, R Stick can be used for “glob” to grasp skateboards, and LR triggers can be used for “spin” that rotates posture in the air.

This work aims to aim at the goal in the stage while combining these four buttons. Spin and grabs are not important if you only clear, but it is an indispensable technique to determine brilliant tricks.

In the main menu, you can view the trick commands available in this work at any time. Depending on the technique, there are many difficult operations such as “L-stick one rotation” and “R Stick in the Grind”, so let’s brush your arm while practicing as much techniques as familiar with.

In addition, this work is a system that is hard to fall, just running as compared to the previous series. Therefore, it is very comfortable to feel free to decide the great skill. Of course, in advanced techniques such as “Grab”, it is careful because it will fall as soon as you do not take it well.

# Adventure over the island! Many hidden elements and collections!

The Adventure of Ladlandia is a format that clears the stage in the map and spreads the area at one step. Stages other than tutorials are provided with challenges called stages and “microphone challenges”. There is also an element that competes online and score online.

Chocolate Skateboards

As a new element from this work, “lane change” that changes the course traveling in the stage, and “Wall Ride” running on the background wall appeared. Simply not only conquer the course, it is also possible to aim for high scores that make use of more difficult route gimmicks.

You can also obtain a cosmetic item that can be used for player’s appearance customization by acquiring a certain score above the NPC rivals within each stage and achieving the microphone range. Also, by discovering hidden elements in the course, special stages appear in the map, and items are available here. If you encounter “Skate Gods”, you may get a special item?

With the emergence of new gimmic elements and new tricks, this work is full of flashy effects in the stage so far. Especially the expression of the depth is excellent, and the mysterious creature (?), Who lives in Ladlandia, you can enjoy the wonderful organism (?) And just looking at the background that enjoys in the stage. When I was careful about mysterious scenery….

Because checkpoints are also available in the stage, clearing it over and over again, clearing is not difficult. As mentioned earlier, this work is an impression that it is difficult to roll than the conventional series, so you can play freely while enjoying the course and new elements. Repeat the stage many times until the challenge is accomplished, promote the stage and find your favorite place, and aim for a high-score, it aims to be a high-score.

By the way, in this work, players can always respond in the stage. It is possible to make it a mysterious power of the current wizard “Chiffon”. It is not a fool, including the design that always blows smoke.

“Orioli World” has introduced here. It is a series of unique atmosphere stories, the world view, and the new gimmatic introduced regular evolutionary work without breaking the elements of “easy operation and deep tricks” in the series so far. It is also attracting attention to BGM where various artists are participating.

In online ranking, you can play the replay of the upper players. The techniques used can be viewed because they are displayed, so you can learn their techniques to improve their techniques. It is a pleasant part that can feel connected to someone with a work that brushes his technique.

In addition, on February 1, we announced collaboration with official from Danny Trejo. There is no more VIC SUPPLIZURIZURIZURIZU.

“Orioli World” plans for PC / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / Nintendose Switch February 8, 2012 (PC is February 9th). In addition to the main story, the “Rudd Edition” of the set of extensions and sets to introduce new stages and biomes after releases, also reserved.