Darmstadt Captain Holland speaks Klartext: “Right to the face”

Darmstadt 98 | Interview mit Fabian Holland
It was uncomfortable on Sunday afternoon at the time-honored Böllenfalltor in Darmstadt. And not just because of the wet-cold weather. 0: 5 was the final score after 90 minutes against HSV. “Today we got really to the face,” Captain Fabian Holland spoke clearly, which made supposedly in some heads that hold it with the lilies. “We were not good enough in the game, not in the two-fight and did not start the Hamburgs,” the left-back of the Hesse analyzed the failures of his team and summarized: “Overall, too many things did not run as well as We had introduced it to us. “

“Untypical” Darmstädter “make it just bad”

Similarly, Korwart Marc shoes, who had to grab the first game after his contract extension five times behind: “There is just such days, today was one,” he arranged the “painful defeat”. This was “clear and earned” failed, since “we just made it bad”. According to shoes, “untypical for us, that today we missed so many things, especially in the bang-bodieship” – what it is necessary to analyze.

Such a game is already in a long season.

Torsten Lieberknecht

Even Torsten Lieberknecht was after the final whistle that it was “a used day at which HSV has been very much outstanding”. His team had played “too many miscalculations” while the opponent would have been superior to the Hesse “just in terms of efficiency and position game”. Therefore, “the HSV simply respects that they have caught such a cream day today,” says Lieberknecht, who did not want to overestimate the Herbe swatter: “Such a game is already in a long season before, that’s one of the Footballing life. “

That’s why Loveknecht also looks positively on the upcoming tasks. Because with one he is sure: “The team will recover”. In the best case until next Sunday against Hannover (13.30, live! At time-honored Böllenfalltor), when it comes to claiming the table top.