[News] Miko is coming to 16 days! 2.5 What is the special broadcast?

February 4 (Fri) 9 o’clock at night, Mihi-yu had a new version of the new version. This broadcast was the Citizen of the Itulator Carriage, Lien Soo Sung Woo Park Ji-yoon, 2.5 The new character to be added from the patch, the story of Miko and the description of the new contents of the palace was followed.

2.5 Patches In the early days, the Cherry Blossoms of the Cherry Blossoms will be opened and the new character can be unplugged. In the latter half, the Distribution Origin, which can draw the Liensiangian and Mangoomiya Komomi, will be opened. New 5-star Weapon Law is scheduled to appear as an inorganic origin in the early patches of Kigura.

Micro uses a 5-star law for a lightning element that can give both the last damage and burst damage when it is atmospheric state. General Attack ‘The foame that swallow sin’ is attacking enemy as a lightning property at the remote. With her elemental battle skills, she uses a killing killer, she moves quickly and leaves one killer. The biopsy is a lightning attack on the enemies around. If you use the Element Explosion Explosion Explosive Explosion Explosion, you will destroy the nearby killer and constantly turn around with a constantly turned back.

The shade of unique characteristics The shade of the king is initialized when the biopsy is destroyed when the elements are destroyed. Opening the axis characteristics of the genoclip, the Micco Element Mastery value increases the damage that the MICST is killed. The fox of the fox can obtain other characteristic materials in the same area with a certain probability of the character characteristic material synthesis.

New legendary missions are also added. The second film of the Changhee-elder ‘is opened by the’ First Membrane of Preferences’ and Ledidando, which is the focus of Micro. The two legendary missions are related to the History of Inazuma, and the story of the Leidenian group is closely related to the driven mission that was previously proceeded. However, the story order is a structure that is fired in the first membrane order of Micco preference in the field of Mikko preference, but the second film of the Liensian City Cotton,

The update can proceed directly to the legendary mission immediately when 2.5 versions of February 16 are applied. The Liensian Legendary mission is a powerful enemy, which is a new boss that is very similar to Leiden Showavi and the exact number, and the exact name was not disclosed.

Another new monster darkness of the darkness of the darkness appears at the palace of the monster. The fire element is a window, a water element, a long window, the ice element uses a bow. The proximal, rider, and pagoda have a unique name and the elements and weapons used are different. For example, if a rider attack hit a character with a protective film, it gives a protective film to the empty armor monsters of ourselves and ambient darkness.

2.5 Version New events are ‘Samgyeto Gate’. Unlike the events you’ve shown so far, the content that explores the map is the main contents. The exploration site is an independent place based on the palace, and it should be caught by the changing exploration method that mightness the darkness of the darkness.

You can acquire a Bokku to help to explore, and block the erosion and drove the darkness. After completing the opening of the treasure box and the opening of the warp point, you can get a tensile tension, gathering the tension, and you can raise the rating of Bokuzo if you receive the tensile. As the rating increases, the erosion resistance can be increased and several buffs that help to explore them. For example, if the level of Boku is high, it also finds the peripheral treasure box.

However, when the dark erosion state is accumulated, the insolve energy of the Boku is continuously lost, and it is difficult to treat a particular monster without the energy of the impatience. So, when resting and restoring to a stone statue, the erosion gauge is initialized and all the energy of the Bokuo is restored. In addition, when the secret of Bokuzo, the secret of Bokku is assigned to the battle of the Non-Boku in the box of gorgeous.

This event compensation can receive knowledge crown, gemstone, weapon reinforcement, Mora, character experience, and regenerative magic minerals, and a new 4-star weapon law swear’s eyes,. The same map, but I can do a different experience of others.

Another event also appears. The user can design the stage directly, and when the design is finished, other users can be invited. The stage is a simple rule that must reach the finish point within the fixed time, and the adventure coins should be collected while going to the destination.

The small dream event of a drink is working as a bartender in the pub of the user Diuruk, which must be made directly to the needs of the guest. If you put 3 to 5 materials, you must proceed with the direction key mini game, and to fit the gauge bar for the order received. There is not a fixed recipe, but there is also a recipe that needs to be made only.

If you succeed in manufacturing beverages, it is recommended that the recipe required for the event is cut off, so it is recommended to challenge as many ingredients as possible. If you achieve a certain condition, you can also get an event business card.

Quick Thoughts on Yae Miko & Version 2.5! (Genshin Impact)

One hundred rooms event season 2 was prepared. After two characters are collected by two, and after you have made a team, you are an event that conducts challenge while replacing the team in order. If you kill the enemy, you can acquire the score, and you can get the insignia according to the final score. And otherwise, new characters and crops will be provided to the event to make the challenge more.

Secondly, 2.6 versions of the “Layer Cancer Flicker Mine” in Riwol will be released. The ground map, an open-air mine, is a giant minister of a large star from thousands of years ago, and a gigantic stone and mysterious ore, which is a huge minister, and the specialty glass sand coming out here is the main raw material of Riwol Pottery. Due to special lipid conditions, the soil and plants in this region are unusual color.

There is also a underground map ‘layer cancer’ The stratum of the tunnel is complicated with the complexity of the stratum, which has become more grown due to the influence of the recent impact, but also the minerals are unreasonable, but also made a unique fluorescent plant in a special environment. A snake monster of ruins is formatted, and it is a setting that opens the way out for the unknown pulmonary in the underground.