Developed, Development Unauthorized Salary 10 million won

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\ – Developed unreasonable annual salary with an impression of 10 million won.

\ – Published a salary or other stock options, and improve the welfare system,

Last year, the global cumulative 70 million downloads, a mobile casual meta bus game that recorded 4 million daily users (DAU), Playfulgiders, Play Guessers, Play Guessers, said,, 8 million won.

Mobile Games Corporate announced the improvement of reward system, including today (24th) in the In-house announcement,

First, it was a policy to reward the existing employees and to secure excellent people. Developed and Non-Deflectors are raised by 10 million won and 8 million won, respectively, and the company has been enhanced to share achievements with employees who contributed to the company growth, and the compensation system, etc. We plan to strengthen.


It is expected to be achieved the highest level of salary in the industry, taking into account the prospective capacity and expertise of the new employee.

In addition, the company and employees will improve the welfare system aimed at building environments that grow together. Welfare points, which are available like cash in welfare malls and everyday life, paid 200 million won, 100% hiked from the past, and the welfare system that reflects the opinions of the employees, including support for the birthday and spinning of the holidays,

Comes co-founder Lee Jong-il is a company that develops and services a variety of genres of mobile games that maximize casual charms such as , , , , , <Play Twosome.

The Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and the Global Features, Korea Content Promotion Agency, Excellent Games’, One Store ‘First Tour’ and Facebook ‘Audience Network Excellent Case’ and Facebook Audience Network Excellent Case. We have proven certain capacity in the global market, including 90% of the indicator.

This year, Market expansion and two new games, and the release of two new games, starting to improve the reward system, developing, operating, and marketing, and to adopt a large-scale excellent person in the first half of the game service, It is a policy to improve working environment including.

Lee Jong-il, said, After the commitment of employees after the establishment of our employees, it is becoming a one-year steady and solid-growing game company. We will do our best to make a leap to a game with a firm competitive in the global market, based on environmental improvement and active investment.