PS Store Filter the possible release date for Ghostwire Tokyo

A long time has passed since we had some kind of novelty related to Ghost wire Tokyo , game that will be arriving soon at PlayStation , but that has changed today. It happens that the PlayStation Store could have filtered its exact date of launch, and of being true, the title will debut long before the thought.

In case you had already forgotten, the game was scheduled to premiere since last year before Tango Game works announced its delay. We still do not have an official premiere date, but according to PS Store, Ghost wire Tokyo will premiere the March 24, 2022.


At the time of writing, nor Sony nor Bethesda have been pronounced on this leak, but because the rumor is gaining a lot of weight, it is likely that one of the two companies will eventually say something about it.

Editor’s note: I actually expected Ghost wire: Tokyo was to debut until the end of this year. We have had very few advances about this game, but everything can happen in the next three months. After all, there are rumors that PlayStation will carry out an important event in February, and there this news could be officially confirmed.