Chelsea rumors around Dembele

Thomas Tuchel and Humane Dembélé have something together, what they probably are not necessarily proud of: they said goodbye to Borussia Dortmund in 2017. Now there are rumors for reunification.

Because his contract expires in summer, the Blame FC Barcelona wants to get rid of Dembélé in January. Thus, how today the 24-year-old wing-tower once in Dortmund traveled away, the Catalans seem to want to force a change. And the FC Chelsea could be a possible customer.

Tunnel: It was only a year – it should have been longer

He’s a very good player when he plays at top level, and I was fortunate to train him in Dortmund in my time, said Tunnel on Friday when he was addressed to Dembélé during Chelsea’s’s press conference, which for BVB 2016 / 17 Six goals and 13 assists had collected in the Bundesliga. It was only a year. It should have been longer, but I had to go, and he has decided to go.

How has it since those troubled months, the cloth so emphasizes soberly to order the relationship of both? Since then we are not in close contact, says Tunnel. He did Dembélé here and there and Exchanged news with him when he regularly prepared near Paris with France’s national team on international matches, and he was, Tunnel, PSG coach.

A concrete expression of interest on a January transfer but scared but also little about the lips like a dementia. He’s in this situation, said the fresh FIFA World Trainer merely. I have absolutely no idea why he is in this situation or what the situation is in detail. I know how I feel, when it comes to one of my players, that’s why it’s better not to talk about it.

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