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Craftone, PMGC 2021 Grand Final Today

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\ – PMGC 2021 Grand Final Treasury $ 3 million, $ 1.5 million for the final champion


\ – January 21 – 23, 8:00 PM Battle Ground Mobile Official YouTube Channel

Condition of Rig East Finals for League East Final 1 Reward events according to DWG KIA grades and Grand Final City Hall

Craftone Battle Ground Mobile E Sports Top Tournament ‘Pub Mobile Global Championship 2021’ (PMGC 2021) ‘Grand Final’s first game (hereinafter referred to as PMGC 2021), starts at 8:00 pm today (21).

PMGC 2021, which is underway from November 30th last year, is the 20 teams and 20 teams, and 40 teams participated, and the total prize of the Battle Ground Mobile Strength of the Battle Ground Mobile Battle and $ 6 million (about W7.1bn) Competition competition. Three weeks of league stages and league superwinds and league finals have progressed, and the long-awaited grand finals will proceed today.

The Grand Finals will take a total of 3 days from today and a total of 6 matches per day. Total 18 matches and high rankings, and the team with the most acquired final points becomes the champion of PMGC 2021. The champion occupies $ 1.5 million (about 1.8 billion won) (about W3.5bn), the Grand Final’s total prize.

A team that enters the grand finals is a total of 16 teams. In the East, which includes Asia and the Middle East, the only Korean team and the number of nine teams, including DWG KIA, which accounted for the first place in League Final East, This will be.

<Battle Ground Mobile India ‘Battle Ground Mobile India Series 2021’ (BGIS 2021) participation team ▲ GODLIKE ESPORTS also participates in the grand finals as an invitation team.

Events for domestic viewers are also proceeding. PMGC 2021 As a leader in the Grand Final, Korea’s DWG KIA, which has entered the Grand Final, the Grand Final, the first place, has won the one of the 18-matches on the Grand Final..

In addition, when achieving a constant top concurrent viewer during the Grand Final period, we will pay up to four chicken medals to all Korean server users. In addition, a variety of community events will be held during the conference period.

The PMGC 2021 Grand Final can be watched at 8:00 pm Official YouTube Channel.

More information on PMGC 2021 and events can be found in the newly opened E-Sports Official YouTube channel and official cafe .