FIFA 22 has been the best-selling game of 2021 in all the countries of Europe, less in two

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FIFA saga is, during all seasons, one of the best-selling video games of the year. A success that, on many occasions, is extrapolated to passion for football in the world; which is greater in some territories. Europe is a reef for the passion that is for football on the old continent , and the data demonstrate it with clairvoyance.

The Auditor JFK has published video game sales data in Europe segmenting it by countries and FIFA 22 has been the best-selling game in 17 of the 19 countries of the continent . Only Russia, where lead GTA V and Finland, where NHL 22 does, do not have the football simulator of EA Sports at the top. You can see it in the graph that has shared the industry analyst Mauro .

It is probably a fact that does not surprise too much because of the aforementioned: the passion for football itself. And also the lack of competitors in the football simulation market, after fall in disgrace of PES / Football l. It is not that FIFA is chosen because there is no other option, since it is much merit what they get in EA Sports, but the truth is that if there were more options, the reign would not be so strong.

This year 2022 several soccer games are provided; Among them NFL, which will be taught at the end of this month of January. Even so, taking into account the Supremacy of FIFA in recent years and the consistency created with Ultimate Team, it will be very difficult to overthrow.