Project Zomboid Foraging Guide: How to search for items

Project Zombie is a game in which it is about survival, and nothing screams so much after survival, like the need to look for food in the forest. In this case can survive mean to do everything you can. From barricaded windows to protect themselves, to the short wiring of a car for a quick escape. Everything you need to worry about this in Project Zombie is to stay alive. In this striving to stay alive, sometimes find themselves in the middle of the forest and must temporarily find a shelter and find food. If you want to have a chance to achieve these goals, you need to search for food. Let’s look at how you can search for food in Project Zombie.

How to look for food in Project Zombie

To start with the search for food, you must switch to examining area. Click on the binocular icon. This will display a new overlay that displays the tracking type, the location of the sun in the sky and a button for activating the search mode. While the search mode is activated, the screen is blurred up to a target radius around you, which grows with increasing ability to search.

While walking around in this mode, objects should spawn around you. If you approach the target radius of an item for whose search it will have the required skill level, an eyeball icon appears above your character. If you stay near the item for a short time, the symbol of the item is displayed. At this point you should get a small amount XP.

If you double-click the item icon, save it in your inventory. Right-click is the option to collect or discard the item. Regardless of the selected option, additional XP will be granted.


Depending on your diet search level, you can find more items. Not all items that you find when collecting is natural, you can find some pretty useful things when collecting. Here is a brief list of what you can find on different food levels.

  • Level 0-1 foraging: junk items, berries, mushrooms, splinter stone, stone, branch, branches, violets.
  • Level 2 Fishing: Wild vegetables, wine leaves, worms.
  • Level 3 Find: Wild onions, tree trunks.
  • Level 4 Foraging: Recipe signs, valuable junk items, cherries, barbecues, rose hips.
  • Food Search Level 5: Tote Rat, Oranges.
  • Level 6 Find: Insects, Jalapeños, Habaneros, Pipettes, Lemons.
  • Level 7 Food: Frogs, dead birds, grapes.
  • Level 8 Feeding: Tote squirrels, strawberries, pears, grapefruits, corn, eggs and wild eggs.
  • Level 10 Food: Tote Rabbit.

Various start jobs either bring points for your collective ability or increase the range of your mode Examine area. Positive properties can also add tiles to your search mode and some negative properties will remove tiles from it. If you plan to use the food as the main source of items, it is important to consider these effects when creating your character. If you have more problems with Project Zombie, you definitely read our other instructions.

Project zombie is now available on the PC.