Darmstadts coach Lieberknecht: Do not be afraid of setbacks

The break and the preparation were short — but nevertheless, coach Torsten Lieberknecht sees the SV Darmstadt 98 before the first mandatory game of the year on Saturday against Karlsruhe SC (20.30 clock, live! At Saturday) Good in shot. One had gone right in the full on the training start on the 3rd of January, the coach said on Thursday.


The somewhat idiosyncratic scheduling, according to which after two games is the same break again, you can even win a lot of positives. Then you will deepen the training content again intensively to be well-prepared for the rest of the season, he explained.

Basically, he feels a certain tension in the team that it starts again, and you come back to the game mode from the training- again. Keeping that table rank two could become burden for his team, but does not have a battle: the desire for winning is greater than the fear of losing something.

Continuity and felt new additions

Delighted Lieberknecht showed himself over the two felt new arrivals Tim Schalke and Marvin Medley, who would be better sweeping after their long injuries. Even the players from the so-called second row would increase the quality again.

Above all, the offensive players Erich Berk and Aaron Sade highlighted a lot of pressure, which made a lot of pressure on the regular players and proven sensationally. Both players are under special observation because their contracts lead to the end of the season. The greatest potential of the team sees love right anyway in continuity in the squad. It is a good sign that you can already extend here with several players.

Coach suggests Asian near

Personnel can almost scoop counterpart against the KSC. Replacement Keeper Morten Bearers has cured his corona infection. Only Adrian Stanilewicz (gastrointestinal) and ENSAD Asian (thigh problems) were missing on Thursday during training.

Asian belongs after the failed change to the 1st FC Magdeburg basically back to the squad. But we talked to ENSAD. It would be reasonable if he would find something to get into the game practice, said the Lilies coach over the 20-year-old offensive player.

Leopold still in respect mode

Winternezugang Andre Leopold, who came from fourth division SV Wacker Oberhausen to the Böllenfalltor, still takes time to acclimatize. He plays still very behavior, Lieberknecht said over the 20-year-old attacker. He is still too much in respect mode to belong to a second division team. But that was normal. Now try to teach him to take the respect. In approaches, he already shows what a potential is there.

Which record of KSC enlisted the lilies

Even another young player is not belonging to the Karlsruhe SC of all foresight to the squad: Philipp Sound debuted in the first leg against the KSC (0: 3) and became recent player of second division history. However, the record was just four months. Since the end of November, Karlsruhe Eye Khan Sihlaroglu has stated this record. Unfortunately, we unfortunately pulled the shorter, Lieberknecht said to a wink. Let’s see if we still find a younger for the weekend. But I do not believe.