Call of Duty needs to be fully reconstructed says an important former creative of the saga

This 2021 that we have left behind we have seen how Sagas of Success have punctured bone and its performance has not been expected. A perfect example is Call of Duty Vanguard, whose assessment by criticism and public has been far from expected. The Activision Blizzard franchise is sustained with Cod War zone, Battle Royale, but it is evident that leaves exhaustion symptoms. That has spoken Robert Bowling, former creative of the saga, and who has used social networks to express himself.

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The one who was a creative strategist of the saga during his most media years, from 2006 to 2012, has said that the Call of Duty saga must rebuild, indicating that more than iterations, they need full revitalization. He also points out that the series should benefit from returning to the main game, rather than using content gateways.

We used to treat our players as a community and not as consumers. We brought them to the redid to receive comments on the map, not the market, says Bowling, in statements that do not go unnoticed.

Although the COD saga continues to attract millions of users, the truth is that he has lost some force in recent years and the public has been disenchanted with Vanguard. Time will tell if it has only been a temporary puncture, or it becomes dynamic. The problem is also that there is no competition as there was a few years ago with Battlefield, since the EA saga and says it does not seem to surrender as we expected.

For the part of him, Bowling now leads Midnight Society, a development studio with which he intends to mark the beginning of the new era of multiplayer PVP online titles. It is the study created by the well-known YouTuber DR. Disrespect.