【Grand Saga Immediately Encourse altar to determine all server individual rankings Opening New Year-end New Year Limited Accessories Costumes and new bosses to advent wars New Year events are also started today

Pixel Co., Ltd. has notified the new work RPG Gran Saga (GRAN SAGA) (Operation: Gameplay Co., Ltd.) for cross-platform.

Pixel Co., Ltd. will notify you of the new RPG Gran Saga (GRAN SAGA) (GRAN SAGA) (Operation: Gameplay Co., Ltd.) for cross-platform.

The new season opening of the competitive content Seal of the Enfant Device, which will appear at a specific time, the new boss for the boss defeating content that appears at a specific time, the new boss of the year-end event Coo’s Puzzle Event from today hold!

Besides, the contents of the New Year-end New Year (cover costume) and the probability UP summons of the Grand Weapon of the subject, the new year special present event, etc. are a lot of content. Enjoy Gran Saga and Grands!

For details on each event, please check the official site for the official site (https://forum.gransaga.jp/ /list/1/1).

Enclave Altar New Season is held from today!

Competitive content to determine individual rankings on all servers This time the boss Garuda of water attribute appeared. Consideration to attribute compatibility, please prepare well!

Period of holding

2021/12/28 (Tuesday) 10:00-2022/01/04 (Tuesday) 00:00

※ We are planning 10:00 regardless of the end time of maintenance.

What is the altar of the enclosure

The Altar of the Enclave is a three-minute boss battle with the tag battle, and it will be a solo content that is rewarded according to the damaged.

[Gran Saga] Content introduction trailer | Seal ESTA’s Altar (https://youtu.be/3tmexzzjjfo)

New boss Him added to the advent war!

A new boss Him appeared in multi-play content Sakai that defeats a boss that appears in a specific time zone and gone luxurious rewards! Please try to challenge the party with a further strong enemy!

Advent time emergence timing


Advent match will be possible only three times a day and only the following time zone.

8:00 to 10:00 · 12:00 to 14:00 · 19:00 ~ 21:00 ※ We will appear in the same time zone as Memo of the dinner Memo and the prisoner of the canyon Barbados. ※ The number of times that can be challenged to each boss is only once.

[Grandson] Content introduction trailer |

New event KYU puzzle will be held from today!

We will use the secret key that can be acquired in the mission, and we will hold a new event Coo puzzle to get the reward hidden in the mass. There are also luxurious items in the reward, so please join us!

Event Overview

· Use Secret key to select a 25-squared 25 square in the board to get rewards.

· There are 5 types of boards, and you can now move to the next board when you earn all Key rewards hidden in each board.

· Secret key is available in Daily Mission / Weekly Mission.

Period of holding

2021/12/28 (Tuesday) after completion of maintenance ~ 2022/11/11 4:00

Limited time for a limited time End of New Year!

A year-end annual property appeared for a limited time, such as a year of 2022, Yoritomo in the Obama, a mask of a mask, a mask of a mask, and a mask for a long time! Accessories can be purchased directly from dress room ! If you look at the New Year’s mood even if Gran Saga?

※ Only accessories (head of head) will be. Costumes are not included.
※ There is no costume summoning. Sales will only be purchased from the dress room.
※ One accessory can not be used across character crossing. You will need to purchase for each character.

Sales period

2021/12/28 (Tuesday) after completion of maintenance ~ 2022/11/11 4:00

Hold the probability UP summons of Grandson of interest!

We will hold a probabilistic UP summons of Grandson, UP, CA, CA, CUT, NAM ARE, CA, CUT, CUT, RULE, CUT, WING SSR Grandson’s emissions! As it is limited to the period until January 11 (Tuesday), 2022, do not miss it!

Event Overview

Two-time summoning for the time-of-time summoning for the Grand Weapon emission probability of the target character.

A: Las, Marie, Cult’s Grand Weapon Emission Probability UP

B: Curiae, Cut, Win’s Grand Weapon Emission Probability UP

Period of holding

December 28, 2021 (Tuesday) After completion of maintenance-January 11, 2022 (Tuesday) 4:00

New Year Special Present Events Conduct!

If you log in to a specific time zone, you will carry out a present event that luxurious rewards will come!

※ Only 2022 / 1/1 (Sat), you can earn rewards with a 00: 00 game connection.
※ Please check the details (https://forum.gransaga.jp/ /list/1/1).

Gran Saga

Gran Saga is an original game work compatible with a cross-platform depicted by the highest quality.

Based on the RPG of the royal road, it is a game that is loved around the world, high quality 3D graphics by Unreal Engine 4, Yukon Pirogi, Full Voice Story by Sakai Overlooking Voice Actor, in the game BGM, Shimmer Yoko, Illustration and Logo Design for All Music Production, Team Amino, Gran Saga’s theme song Kafka is handed by RADIUS completely.

In addition, the original animation by Nakamura Doha and the official Ambassador of Gran Saga will be delivered with the highest story of the story that focused on Friends by Mr. Touch Nob Aka and Mr. Kongo Nob Aka and Mr. Kane Nob Akira at the official Ambassador of Grand Saga. It is.

In addition, we started providing Gran Saga PC emulator beta version from November 26, 2021 (Fri).

◆ Official site https://gransaga.jp/ ◆ Official Twitter https://twitter.com/gransaga rpg ◆ Official YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/uct1sxdhfgdrg8dduwg5bghg?sub confirmation=1

Game information

Title: Gran Saga (GRAN SAGA) Genre: Soul Development: Pixel Operation Co., Ltd. Gameplay Platform Co., Ltd.: IOS / Android / PC Price: Basic Free (Some Billing) © 2021 Pixel Co., LTD. & Gameplay Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.