The Reduction Developer s new Nine Sols announced was inspired by Sekiro

Taiwan Game Developer Red Candle Games, which has raised awareness and reduction in horror game contributions and reductions in Taiwan history and social status, revealed its new Nine Sols. Unlike existing works, this game is a 2D transverse scroll action game.

Exclusive Interview On Creating Sekiro's New World

This news was conveyed through Red Candle Games Official Twitter on the 16th. For this title, the production team said, ‘2D Scratch Action Flat Former, including the tradable battle in Senior.’ The Samurai Action Games’ Senior: Shadow This, which developed by Proper Software, showed a pair of attacks to attack opponent.

In addition, the game poster was released, and the cat was included in the scene where the cat was seen in the puddle. In March this year, Red Candle Games has been on the title Work in progress through the official YouTube of the 12-second video. The cat character that appeared on the video was seen as a foster in the poster.

Finally, the game worldview and a brief plot were released this time. According to the explanation, Nine Sal’s is the stage of the hometown of ancient alien tribes based on the Oriental Fantasy, and the Korean Prince draws the process of relaxing 9 Sols (Sols) that dominates the Pose Great Kingdom. In addition, it shows a hand drawn 2D graphics.

Red Candle Games gained a lot of popularity in Korea through horror game class members and reduction. However, the protest of the Chinese gamers is the protest of Chinese gamers about the contents of the Chinese poetry in China,