Accessibility Sony brings new website with PS4 PS5 and games

Accessibility is a topic that will slowly be more present in the field of video games — yet there are still great catch-up in many places. Sometimes the problem is not even that features are missing in hardware or games, but simply that it is much too difficult to find out about it. Sony wants to improve the overview now with a new page. You can see you there, which accessibility features PS4, PS5 and First Party games offer. We’ll tell you more about it.

Overview of features

It’s about it: Sony has launched a new website that offers an overview of accessibility options. There you can not only inform you which options PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 offer in terms of accessibility, but also what certain games in the relationship in stock: including visual, audio, subtitles, control and gameplay.

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Game features: But of course, the subpages that deal with the games features. There are currently 12 First Party Games listed. Among them are Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and The Last of US 2. Click on more info you will learn what options the games ready for you.

To offer important information about accessibility in one place collected, makes sense because players and players then have a concrete point of contact. It is not only important that games and hardware are accessible, but also that the information is quick and easy.