Fantastic animals 3 In the new trailer Mads Mikkelsen Johnny Depp replaces

Finally, the new trailer is the third part of the fantastic animal series ! This time it goes how the title of the movie already reveals to the secrets around the future headmaster of Hogwarts: Dumbledore.

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore – Official Trailer Monday

The trailer shows many well-known faces like Eddie Redman, which as Newt Salamander can be seen on the canvas. Finally, we see Mads Mikkelsen as black magician Grunewald. He replaces Johnny Depp in this role.

New trailer for fantastic animals 3

In the spring of 2022 Harry Potter fans will finally see the continuation of the fantastic animal series. On April 7, 2022 the film comes from the Warding World into German cinemas.

from Depp Mach Mikkelsen, Hex!

The trailer finally shows the new appearance of the main obviousness in fantastic animals. Geller Grunewald is displayed in the third part of the Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen.

He takes over the role of acting colleagues Johnny Depp, who after many scandals and a divorce war with Amber Heard for headlines and was fired.

Thus, Mikkelsen is the third actor who may represent the evil magician. Before Johnny Depp already had the pleasure Collin Farrell. But this only had to give way for Depp, as it had demanded the story in the first movie.

Here you can watch the trailer for the early magical pleasure:

A new magic troupe

While Grunewald has a new face, but his evil plan remains the same: the dark magician wants to lead war against the non-magical society, the so-called Muggers.

Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law) does not want to allow and go against him. With a colorful combined troupe of talented magicians, Dumbledore tries to offer the forehead to the evil.

The new hero group is presented in the trailer: Musicologists Newt Salamander (Eddie Redman) forms the top of the group as in the last two films. In him Dumbledore uses most hope.

Him Follow Him Brother Thesis Salamander (Callum Turner), News Assistant Bounty (Victoria Yates), Leta Estranges Half brother Yusuf Kama (William Nadya), Professor Eula lie Ally Hicks (Jessica Williams) and News Muggle-friend Jacob Kowalski (Dan Fowler).

Dumbledore’s secrets

As in this part of the series is largely Dumbledore and the secrets that surround him, we get in the trailer a first look at his brother Aberfoyle (Richard Coyle) to see.

The young version of Aberfoyle is also in this movie as in the Harry Potter films of the host in the Eberkopf, a gift in the village Hogshead near the school for witchcraft and magic Hogwarts.

In addition, the young Credence (Ezra Miller) has a performance in the trailer. The young man had joined the evil magician Grunewald in the last fantastic animal film.

According to Grunewald, Credence should be called a genuine name Aurelius Dumbledore and be related to the future headmaster of Hogwarts. Hopefully this secret of Dumbledore’s will be solved in the film.

Fantastic animal

The human events outweigh in the trailer, yet the fantastic animals may not be missing. We get a few small impressions of the new magical animals that will meet Newt and his group on their adventures.

Luckily, Newt is luckily in the trailer as a musicologist, Newt will meet and shows his brother Thesis, how to pass a Chair of crab-like animals.

Harry Potter-Reunion

The new trailer for fantastic animals 3 is action loading and promises many new adventures in the world of Harry Potter. Who until 7 . April 2022 Do not want to wait, soon the Harry Potter -reunion Special can look at Sky.

In one and a half hours of documentation Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts are, among other things Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Print back together in front of the camera and to their time in the filming to the Harry Potter movies recall.

The fantastic animal series will face a total of five films. Do you think there will be two more actors who are presenting grinder forest, or will Mikkelsen stay the last one?

From Dina Makovich
14.12.2021 at 12:14