The Creator of Fable bets on the NFT not without controversy this is the new game of Peter Molyneux

Peter Milieux has been one of the great creatives of the industry, creator of the Saga Fable and the classic populous, who served as a precursor of the so-called God Games, a genre in which we would also be surprised with the acclaimed black and white. However, Milieux is not only known in the industry by undoubted successes of it, so is it because of its ambitious promises that did not come to anything.

LegacyCoin will be the krypton of the game, from the base Ethereum The situation became so dramatic that the father of Theme Park decided to stop sharing his ideas about the video games in which he was working, for having arrived To receive threats. Of all this we speak to you in the article that Marc Rolland, the FANS, dedicated to the British creative controversial. For a few years, Milieux was working on a new game, Legacy, who has suffered an unexpected course change.

Legacy is the dream of a creative entrepreneur made come true, an opportunity for players to create their own business, designing their own products from a variety of possibilities while creating a business empire like the world never He has seen, is like the official website of Gala Games describes the new game of Milieux.

will arrive at 2022 and will propose to build a Blockchain business The study of Milieux, 22cons, has formed an alliance with Gala Games to take its new title of Business Management to the terrain of Blockchain, cryptomoned and the NFT. For this, Legacy will have its own krypton, the LegacyCoin, based on Ethereum and that will support the economy of the game. As a company’s owner, you will have access to Legacy Keys. These elements can be lent to other people who want to start a business in the LEGACY game, which makes them your business partners in the game. As part of your association, they will share A part of your legacy won with you.

Fable 3 Interview with Peter Molyneux by GameSpot

The game will arrive at 2022 and will propose to build a successful business and expand an empire from the creation of products and a more efficient production, converting a small city into a large industrial city. The game will allow us to own a Land NFT, where we can perform our business association in Blockchain, earning real money. In 3DGEGOS PC we have wanted to talk about the risks and opportunities of the NFTs in video games.