Saturn now secure the iPhone 12 Mini with 15 GB data volume cheaper display

For a long time, smartphones was the rule that greater is always better. For a few years, there has been a number of devices that succeed successfully this trend. One of them is the iPhone 12 Mini, the finest AppleTechnik offers comparatively handy room. At Saturn, the smartphone is now in conjunction with a VodafonTetarif on offer.

Directly to the offer at Saturn

iPhone 12 Mini + 15 GB Data Volume: How good is the offer?

The iPhone 12 Mini is not only smaller than the big Apple siblings from the scope, but also the price. Nevertheless, the variant with 128 GB memory at Saturn currently costs Steve 699 Euro. The tariff with 15 GB data volume in the network of Vodafone has Mobil com Debited just on offer. For 16.99 Euro monthly \ + the connection price in the amount of 19.99 Euro you can secure the package there.

Your savings: If you expect the single purchase to the minimum contract period from 24 months, this results in a total price of 1126.75 euros. For Saturn, the connection price is 39.99 Euro, while each month 29.99 euros are due. The device already gets you for cheap 79 euros. This results in Saturn a savings of total 288 Euro, calculated on two years.

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Now iPhone 12 mini + 15 GB backing up data volume at Saturn

More data volumes are available at Telecom

If you need a little more data volume and like to stay with the telecom or want to change to telecom, you can also save with Saturn. For the iPhone 12 Mini in conjunction with a telecom rate with 20 GB data volume, your current per month pays 36.99 euros. The device costs here even once 59 euros.

Convert this to the minimum contract period of two years and takes the tariff directly from Mobil com Debited this results in a total savings from still very good 222 euros.

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Both offer is still up to the 18.12. available. At the iPhone 12 Mini you can choose from a wide range of colors of your favorites.

Now iPhone 12 mini + 20 GB backup data volume in the telecom network

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