GTA Online finally gets more content on December 15

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (commonly shortened in GTA: San Andreas, San Andreas or GTA: SA) is a third-person capturing computer game, driving as well as action-adventure in open globe, established by Rock star North in Scotland (United Kingdom). The video game is originally marketed in October 2004 on PlayStation Console 2. It is ultimately marketed in June 2005 on Xbox Console and Microsoft Windows (COMPUTER). It is the seventh opus since the Grand Theft Auto series, the last of the 3D world prior to the franchise business shift to the HD world with Grand Theft Auto IV.
The video clip game takes location in the fictional state of San Andreas, situated as an island chain of 3 make believe islands, copying 3 major municipal cities: Los Santos (influenced by Los Angeles), San Fairly (inspired by San Francisco) as well as Las Ventures (Influenced by Las Vega), consisting of deserts, lakes, woodlands as well as a mountain that separates cities. The story is occurring in 1992, San Andreas follows the experiences of a gang participant, Carl CJ Johnson, back in his hometown, Los Santos, after discovering the murder of his mother. CJ finds his old family and friends in danger. Throughout the video game, Carl is battling to discover the murderer of his mom and also gain impact, attempting to restore his gang his splendor of the past.
The video game satisfies a wonderful essential and also industrial success as soon as it leaves. And, much like the precedents piece of the series, the leave of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has created a number of debate. Undoubtedly, ubiquitous violence throughout the title as well as the existence of an adult mini — although non-accessible — have actually provoked the indignation of the basic public.
Encountered with the phenomenal success of the game, the publisher has made numerous portages on other platforms, such as macOS, iPhone, the PlayStation Network or the Xbox Network. In 2021, Superstar introduces a refill of the 3D globe’s video games of the franchise, with an exit arranged for the end of the year under the title Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Clear-cut Version.

Rockstar Games has announced a brand-new content that will be released for Grand Theft Auto Online next week. The extension is called The Contract and follows the pillar of GTA, Franklin Clinton, who has a new business.

The new Franklin Celebrity Solution Agency is looking for new foreground customers to help your business explode. The perfect opportunity comes from DJ Pooh, whose close friend is exactly the type of customer they were looking for: Dr. Dre.

The famous rapper born in Compton will play a central role in history as he turns to Franklin to help him solve a big problem. In The Contract, Franklin has to find a missing mobile phone containing Dr. Dre’s unpublished pieces. The mobile phone fell between bad hands, and it will be in Franklin and his associates to save the situation.

Dr. Dre’s involvement in GTA Online has been mentioned for the first time by Snoop Dogg in the fall, and it seems that we finally have the answer to its allusions. Dr. Dr. will add new music to the game radio station. But it will not be the only artist to lend his talents to the update.


The contract will also include radio stations updates, a brand new radio station with special hosts and other missions for Franklin’s new business. The story will take Franklin anywhere in Los Santos. From the old Franklin district to the exclusive evenings in the mansions at the FIB offices. The update will naturally include new activities, weapons and vehicles.

The contract arrives for GTA Online on December 15, with more details to reveal soon. Make sure to follow Rockstar Games reveals more information about this long-awaited exciting update.

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