Consensus between Rostock and DFB penalty reduced by 55 000 euros

At the end of November, Hans had been raised three fines for offenses of the trailer, which had a nearly six-digit amount in total — now a consensus was found after a hearing and the amount was significantly minimized.

On the one, Control Committee and Sports Court agreed to adopt the credential of about 25 percent of the penalty of the penalty, as the club in times of the Corona Pandemic, just by missing viewer revenue must accept financial losses, explained Hans E. Lorenz. On the other hand, the evidence brought, among other things, as a result that a violent examination of Rostock supporters with the police took place against the end of the second ligament game against FC Schalke 04 but outside the stadium area, whereupon the sports facility has no access. That also led to a significant Reduction of fine, the chairman of the DFB sports court continued.

still 42,300 Euro fine

From the fine over 97,300 euros, 42,300 euros remained in the end, which Hans has to pay for the passes of fans. Of these, the Rockers can use up to 14,000 euros for safety and violent prevention measures. This must prove the club to DFB until 31 July 2022.

Two procedures set

Economic Relief Opportunities And Tax Implications

In the course of the trial, two investigative proceedings against Hans were discontinued, which resulted from smaller viewers during the second division games at John Regensburg on 6 November 2021 and against Erzgebirge AUE on November 20, 2021, as the DFB announced.

Lorenz becomes clear

A consensus was found this time, but the next time, Lorenz pointed, it will probably not come to it: If the behavior of some Rostock trailer does not improve in the long run, we may think about sharper measures in the future.