Union Nettetal climbs over the line

YN2 Power Abundant on the CSX River Line
The SSG Elbert remains even after match day at the top: with 2: 0, the Prius continued on Friday against FC Mönchengladbach by: Higher brought his team in the early stages after a perfectly timed cross detached head with 1: 0 in front, even after the home side had more of the game clear. But because something was negligent to deal with the opportunities offered, the guests were initially in the game. After the red card against FCM keeper Kemp because of an emergency, however, the guests were also inferior numerically. The free kick from the best position sat Dial lo ten minutes before the end of the 2: 0-decision into the net.

On Thursday, the TSV Meerbusch received the second-placed CFB Hidden for the opening game. The duel between the two in-form teams — the TSV was unbeaten in three and CFB even for eleven games — but ultimately was surprisingly clear. Hidden was especially apparent at the beginning and the end of the game mercilessly and swept Meerbusch with 5: 0 from the square. Decisive here was for the significant away win certainly the initial phase of the guests. Hidden put off like the fire department and led after less than a quarter of an hour with 3: 0th Weber opened the gates while flood converted a penalty. Shortly afterwards proved Neubauer his team a disservice and drew a cross from Wagener unfortunate own goal. Just one pointer revolution later, it rang again. Hanson operated Weber, who laced the early double. Thereupon, the game calmed down somewhat, with the score at 3: 0, the game was already held. So the game trickled down to the final phase in front of him before Gianluca de Meo into the game. Just a few minutes on the court, was the Joker has for the first time to the site and set to 4: 0th Shortly before the end it was again de Me, who cheer when he could with his goal to 5: 0 put the final point. Hidden so stay Elbert continue on their heels.

Still more goals it went on Friday then in Klee further: 8: 0 of 1. FCC manufactured the relegation-threatened SC Elbert in through two off — at half-time only a 1 read: 0 on the scoreboard. Solo Do Bishop, who opened the goal fest after half an hour, was the most successful with three hits Sagittarius. Eight goals were also in 6: 2 success of Sportfreunde Baum berg about the sports fans Niederwenigern so Baum berg made a decent record in the table and is ranked sixth. The top duo on the heels remains of 1. FC Bolt, the Keller kind PSV Duisburg 3: 0 beat. Here, the favorite only took off in the closing stages with two goals.

Union Neutral won in the only Saturday game with 1: 0 — teat managed from the point of single hits — against the PVG Schonnebeck and makes the third consecutive victory jump into the top half of the table. There, the DVD Elbert and FC Monday parted meanwhile, with 1: 1 and remain table neighbors. Schwarz-Weiß Essen and Düsseldorf Turn missed with a weak 0: 0 in a direct duel each a place in the top half. Further down in the basement John Ziegfeld moved with a 2: 1 victory in a direct duel on points with the SC Dusseldorf-West alike. Teutonic St. Tons took a 3: 2 win at FC Ray and climbs in the table on match day competitors over, while the Teutons brought twice a residue on.

A surprising second win of the season celebrated taillight Sprig Sterkrade-Nord against Ratingen 4.19. The Ratingen, previously listed, after all, in sixth, lost by two late goals to 0: 2nd It was a very poor chance game that looked long after a goalless draw. But then there was a penalty for the bottom club, Verger Schlitz the chance was not missed. 0 Decision: In the turbulent final minutes then Nagasaki to be moved by enemy long-range effort for the 2 provided. Terrace remains Last, but reduced the gap on FC Mönchengladbach on only two points.