Pok mon GO Reshiram

A train Pokémon is, in the globe of Pokémon, an individual who captures Pokémon with Poke Balls, reproducing and also cares for them, as well as additionally educates them to combat against various other trainers that likewise have Pokémon. The term Pokémon train can also be used in a bigger context: it is any individual that contends the very least one Pokémon, can be considered a Pokémon trainer. In this feeling, people in the relevant Pokémon professions, such as Pokémon planners or Pokémon breeders, can also be thought about to be Pokémon instructors.

This month in Pokémon Go, Yeshiva returns with other legendary Unova-Pokémon for a series of challenging 5-star RAID struggles. This fire / dragon legendary can need up to five players to defeat it, so you have to make a team and know the best counterattack to turn it off.

It will also be the first opportunity for players to get a Shiny Yeshiva in the hands that was previously not available in the game. Ni antic has revealed that in a complete group of 20, which participate in a RAID struggle, at least one player receives a Shiny.

Best Counter for YESHIVA in Pokémon Go

With YESHIVAS Fire / Dragon typing, there is the best option for counter to go with another dragon or floor or rock type to attack the legendary Pokémon. With the skier power of YESHIVA, it is also a good idea to bring all legendary Pokémon, which you have of these super-effective offensive types to make as hard as possible.

Rayquaza, Terrain and Groupon is the perfect trio to take it with Yeshiva. With their high offensive values, their good typing and a mighty arsenal at Moves, everyone will help you with these three, which are thrown into a team. Flagon is a Dark Horse candidate for the best counterattack against yeshiva through its dual dragon / ground typing, which both yeshiva meet good damage. Unfortunately, Flagon will feel all dragon attacks just as its opponent, so it’s not all easy.

The best move sets to defeat yeshiva

Dragon counter

Rayquaza — Dragon tail / indignation
Polka — Dragon Tail / Draco Meteor
Flagon — Dragon cock / earthquake

Stone meter


Soil counter

Groupon — sludge shot / earthquake
Landlords — sludge shot / earth power

Excedrin — MUDding / earthquake

Can YESHIVA be shiny in Pokémon Go?

As mentioned earlier, YESHIVA can finally appear as Shiny in the world of Pokémon Go. Together with other legendary Pokemon of the fifth generation, zero and Durum, Shiny Yeshiva was added to the game this month for 5-star raids.

While both YESHIVA and ZERO RAID BATTLES will be available throughout the month in the world of Pokémon GO, you will start during the special RAID Hours from 18: 00 to 19:00 City Time 1., 8. And 15 December. Each of the legendary Pokémon will be widespread during this time, so you have the opportunity to put together a team and go hunting for a shiny yeshiva.

Further information about Pokémon Go can be found in our full schedule for the upcoming Spotlight Hour-Pokémon this month. If you are still asking yourself how to get your Hoop unbound after the end of the Uncut season, read our guide.

Pokémon Go is now available for Android and iOS.