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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and also Pokémon Radiating Pearl are 2021 remakes of the 2006 Nintendo DS role-playing computer game Pokémon Diamond and also Pearl. The video games are component of the eighth generation of the Pokémon computer game series as well as were established by INCA and published by Nintendo and also The Pokémon Business for the Nintendo Switch. The games were released on 19 November 2021. They were announced as component of the Pokémon 25th Wedding anniversary event, along with Pokémon Legends: Areas. They are the initial main Pokémon games not to be created by Video game Fanatic. Furthermore, they received mixed evaluations from critics.

In the geni-remakes, there are a variety of legendary Pokémon to catch. It’s actually a really nice part of the final and adds more things to do in DSP. This list is quite extensive and can not necessarily be achieved in a meeting. So you can catch all legendary Pokémon in radiant diamond and glowing pearl.

How to catch all 26 legendary Pokémon in bright diamond and luminous pearl

This list is divided between the Pokémon, which you can get before and after receipt of the National. Prerequisites are also listed to know what to do before they go to the goals.


Diana (Brilliant Diamond) / Polka (Luminous Pearl)

After defeating Candice in Snow point City, make the way to Mt. Coronet. Drive this huge landmark upwards until they finally reach the spacer column. Here you will find much fighting with team Galactic and finally resign Mars, Jupiter and Cyrus. If you have definitely defeated, meet the Pokémon that matches your game. Diana and Polka are Level 47.


The Lake Guardians can be caught after completing the events that have occurred in the spacer column. UX IE is in the cave at Seashell, Self is in Lake of the bravery, and Esprit is at See Verity. They are all encountered on Level 50.

In particular, Esprit becomes a scouring Pokémon. This means that they can actually encounter him in areas where they can meet other Pokémon in the wild. It is strongly recommended that you earn the marking app on your sketch to track you.



Join the way Canal ave City and talk to the sailor who brought you to Iron Island. He will tell you about his son, who is in a nightmare. You will learn more about the lunar heart, which can help in the restoration of his son. He then brings you to Full moon Island. Go into the forest and you will see Cecelia.

Interact with her and exactly like Esprit will flee. Once again you have to detect them, just as you have done with Esprit. Before you go, Cecelia leaves a meshed er. Lift it and bring it back with the sailor to Canal ave City.


How to Get All Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Go to Sendoff Spring, a lake, which is activated after unlocking the National DEX. It is the hidden fourth lake in which a labyrinth-like cave is located. It’s called the Turn back Cave. You must explore the cave in 30 or fewer rooms to meet the Legendary Pokémon of Type Dragon / Ghost — Grating.

Prepare yourself with a decent team, because this legendary Mon is appeared on Level 70.

Heat ran

After landing in the combat area in the northernmost part of the island. That means to Route 227 and to the strong mountain. Here you enter a cave and imagines coaches and Pokémon with higher levels, so be prepared. As soon as they have arrived far enough in great mountain, they come across a coach called Buck, who accompanies them into the depths of the cave.

There he talks about the Magma stein and takes it. However, go back to the survival zone and talk to his grandfather. He says you have to bring the stone Back to the Stark berg Otherwise the volcano breaks out. Embark back to the depths of the mountain and place Heat ran on stage 70.

Regime / Register / Redirect

After you have unlocked the National DEX, you have access to Romans Park, a new area in Singh, where you can catch legendary Pokémon from regions like Horn, Photo and Kant. The first group of legendary will be the Reg Trio. You need a a total of three discovery slates so you can catch all three one after the other.

Each reg will be at level 70 and must be caught. They are needed for Sheligigas.


After catching or get all three Aegis (Region, Register, Regime), go to snow point temple, is located in Snow point City. Here she lets the lady at the front after Candice gave them a passport. You will you also have to have all three registrations in your group. If you interact with the sleeping gears, without you being in your group, the Pokémon does not move.

Haiku / anti / suicide (brilliant diamond exclusive)

After you caught the Reg Trio, you have access to the Management Slates. Just like the last slate set, you must farm at least nine small or three great mysterious pieces. The dogs are encountered in the Photo area.

Article / Zap dos / Molters (exclusive luminous pearl)

When you play luminous pearl, you must first follow the steps required for the legendary dog ​​trio. The canto legends are available due to the exclusivity of this version instead of the dogs. The birds are in the Kant room.

Ratios / Latins

After you have received the reg trio, you will also get access to the scoring Hoenn-dragons. You are in the soul space and requires a soul for each encounter. Once you’ve caught Latins, your next encounter will be ratios and vice versa. If you both have caught, there is a soul car that you can pick up to keep him in the fight.

Ho-Oh (radiant diamond) and Lucia (luminous pearl)

After trapping the legendary dogs or birds as well as Latinos and Latins, they have access to the slate rooms with the legendary bird Photo. Bright diamond gets Ho-Oh and the Rainbow Room, while glowing pearl Lucia gets in the Squall Room.


After trapping or defeating the Latin and legendary exclusive trios, you have access to the genome slate. This is needed in the genome room where, when the object is used, Moot will be summoned.

Ky ogre and Groupon

You have to have beaten the Trios Photo or Kant according to the game and Latins and Latins. You can then the oceanic slate for Ky ogre and the tectonic slate for Groupon. Go into your respective rooms with the same names of your slate panels to meet them individually.


The prerequisites are the same as Ky ogre and Groupon. You do not have to have a significant victory with you to get to Rayquaza and the stratospheric slate.

Different legendary Pokémon in radiant diamond and glowing pearl


This mythical Pokémon are acquiring if you have stored data from previous Pokémon games on your switch console. This includes the Let’s go games that enable you to get MEW and Sword / Shield for Karachi.


The legendary fourth Lake Guardian is just about Mystery poison in rotation. Everything you need to do is unlock three badges and make an online connection. You get an egg of this Pokémon.

Not available Legend Aries

Shay min

Shay min can technically be earned in the game, but by margins. There are many guides that show you how to get there, but it is strongly recommended because of possible errors that can occur there.

Pokémon Brilliant diamond and luminous pearl are now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.