Bavaria worse I would be careful

Last time, I fully gripped into the bathroom, I like to admit that. Leverkusen, I had thought in October, could beat FC Bayern. But they could not. The opposite was the case. So: UPS.

And before I express myself to the top game of the Bundesliga this time, I would like to get rid of the balloon-d’or choice, as it has assumed, for an absolute impudence. If you are overnight in every game, the best striker in the world are and the thing then do not win… no matter, we hook off.

To Dortmund against Bavaria! I refuse me, I think, not far from the window, if I say that all Germany or at least football-Germany is looking forward to this game — because it is certainly outstanding. It can be a game at eye level, I hope at least. I do not give a tip this time!

No viewers in Dortmund? I could not understand that

If spectators are excluded in Dortmund, I can not understand that. Just this game without a viewer would be a pity, in Dortmund it would of course cook right.

The Bayern last problem, the game in Augsburg I have of course looked at exactly. Since the FCA made it really well done, the Bavaria did not let go to her game. The thing is that it — even if the banal sounds like — no simple games gives in the Bundesliga. Just this duels with teams from the cellar can be properly disgusting.

You have to keep in mind that Augsburg or Bielefeld against Bayern had almost nothing to lose and showed that. Then you can not always deliver a gala as FC Bayern. That’s why I would be careful, the Bavaria in some form badly dared. That Joshua Gimmick lacks the team, of course, is out of the question. Corentin Polish is simply no equivalent replacement.

DAZN expert Sasha Molders explained his view of football in his column. Dazing

As far as BVB is concerned: We can all assume that Erlang Haaland will play. Then we have the world’s best striker and one who will make it, on the square. How the respective defensive chains deal with both of them will be the key for me. Robert Lewandowski has spit the Dortmund in the Super cup first in the soup and makes it all anyway every time.

The BVB should remember the Kl opp time

The BVB should remember again, as it ran under Jürgen Klopp against Bavaria. They could do what they wanted, very often Dortmund had the nose at the end. You need this self-confidence to tear something there. Otherwise, the same ends as it was actually always in Munich: with Dortmund, which were already beaten in the midst.

For me there is no favorite this time. The prints have the Bavaria, they must be masters and just put an exclamation mark in this current, pretty funny situation. Of course, the Dortmund wants to become masters, but they do not actually have world-class quality on each position.

The championship will not be decided on Saturday. It is decided against Augsburg or Freiburg. And then the BVB must be there then.

Sasha Molders (36) completed 103 Bundesliga games for Augsburg and Duisburg and fights as a captain of the TSV 1860 Munich around the return to the 2nd league. He acts as an expert at DAZN and writes in his column for the game over the Bundesliga.