Lieberknecht Friday night

Currently, only 13,000 spectators are admitted for the Böllenfalltor because of the new grandstand. The local health office had a discharge of the game on Friday evening (18.30, live! At Böllenfalltor) with this viewer number under 2G rules and with mouth shift duty danged during the entire playing time. That was also the affiliate of Lieberknecht as he set the media at lunch.

Full house or partial cast?

But a little later, the resolutions of the Federal Country Round were known to combat the Corona Pandemic. Among other things, see that football clubs may only burden 50 percent of stadium capacity. This would be possible in Darmstadt only 6,500 viewers. Concretely confirm that was first but no one. Lieberknecht had pointed out that the game again offered the opportunity to show how extremely exemplary the audience on the Böllenfalltor behaved. Looking at the time after the audience numbers are severely restricted and even ghost games to be expected, he said, I am already sad now.

Lieberknecht breaks lance for Prussian

But first he looks forward to Fortuna Düsseldorf. At the traditional club everything was trimmed on first league. However, the high quality of the squad still mirrored in the table level — currently in 13 — again.

Look for a lot of praise for Christian Presser. This is a perfect coach that will certainly run the team, but hopefully after the game against Darmstadt. He’s going well if Düsseldorf holds as long as possible at his young coach despite the difficult layers. Examples such as Nuremberg or St. Pauli showed in the recent past that elaborate the Lilies coach said.

Only quicksand is still missing

Except for Fabian Quicksand (muscle bundle crack in the calf) Lieberknecht are available for the game all players available. Klaus Grassley has overcome his cold. Mathias Honda, who was injured against AUE from the square, could also train again. During the nomination of the squad on Friday morning, there will be hardship again.

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We have to burn

Basically, he is optimistic in the game because his team has shown in recent games that they have an answer to everything. For an opponent, therefore, it is very difficult to set itself on Darmstadt. It’s important that we make our job tomorrow, he said. We have to burn in the square. It now goes to show against Düsseldorf: Friday night — that’s our thing.