A CD Projekt comes out another problem beyond Cyberpunk 2077 They are losing a lot of money with GOG

Definitely, it is not a quiet moment for CD Project. Despite the avalanche of positive opinions on Steam for Cyberpunk 2077 or the announcement of the launch of its next-generation version, the Polish study continues to chain the bad news. Today, your video game distribution platform, gog.com, is not at your best.

In a presentation of CD Project’s income for the third quarter of 2021, we have known that Gog is losing money for the company. We talked about a loss of 2.21 million dollars, compared to profits of 1.37 million dollars during the same period last year. It is not necessary to be a genius of mathematics to realize that mathematics are not correct.

Piotr Nielubowicz, CD Project Financial Director, announced that GOG will undergo several organizational changes to improve their financial situation. The goal is to return to what the rise of the platform did: First, we decided that GOG should focus more on its main activity, that is, to offer a selection of ordered games. In the flap, with its unique philosophy without DRM.

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Taking this into account, some Gog developers will be transferred to other departments of the company to restructure the equipment. The platform will also come out of the Went Consortium, a project around Letter Set derived from The Witcher. The study had opted to bring together many departments in their production, but GOG will finally not be a party: will not assume its share of the expenses or will obtain the corresponding share of the income associated with this project. These modulations should allow the platform to concentrate more on your main business to improve your financial efficiency in 2022.

Therefore, next year should be decisive enough for CD Project, which has a series of ads. Will this allow this to the Polish study to recover all its prestige? Too soon to say it.

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