The father of Otstrol is on Monochrome Mobius Reno of Uta commemorative work Delivered confirmation information and guessing based on public video such as a mysterious girl

One of the Aquaplane’s representative works UTA will be 20th anniversary on April 26, 2022. Special students prior to this anniversary will be held on November 24, and a number of new developments will be apparent. Among them, it is a monochrome Mobius-enrollment announced as a 20th anniversary work that attracted attention.

Unfortunately, details about this work have not been revealed yet. Of course, the genre is also undecided. However, there are several elements that have been confirmed by the unveiled video at the time of the announcement, and there are several elements that can be inferred.

Therefore, this time, I think that the information that is known and the points that can be guessed, and will be close to the essence of the expected attention. What kind of game will be the 20th anniversary work? Please see how help you expect expectations.

■ In the conversation scene at the beginning, the connection with the character that appeared in the past work is highlighted!

The first thing that jumped out with Monochrome Mobius-Reno related video was a conversation show spelled by the 3D model characters. First, dig down the three major people who appeared at this time.

pass Paul
· The masked man who appeared first revealed the name Pass Paul in later conversation.
· His position was told in the conversation with one fighter (Villager), as the right arm of the Pope (Hunter), and he seems to have been a fairly high position. However, in the image he is treated as a trailer and is directed to the third major person.
· He was chased, Sumo, Tripoli. It seems to be a promise. Any of the characters that appeared in past work, Control and Ne cone are brothers and sisters. And Torino is two mother.

It is Pashpacul that seems to be a new character, but at this point his position and relationship is considerably apparent. Especially big points are connected with Tripoli Pistol and Ne cone. From the statement in the image, the husband of Tripoli and the father of Tetra and Ne cone are more likely to be.

At the end of the image, I was afraid that I was going to be stabbed with a deep hand, but his clear life is still unknown. In addition, with the anime PV disclosed after this, there is also a scene where Pass Pauli Sakura male tries to get a dagger to Alike, and it seems to be deeply involved in the story of Monochrome Mobius-Reno.

· Mysterious girl who was with Passable. She is called him she called Sauna.
· She calls Pass Paul Father.
· Sheer jumping to the gate where Passable has opened. She seems to have moved over time and moved over time.
· Just before diving of the gate, she will be entrusted from Pass Macular, Go ahead and go ahead. Details are unknown.

Sauna has not been revealed for the connection with her past work character like Pashpacul. On the other hand, she is anxious about the point of calling Pashpacul called Father. If she is really parent and child, it is anxious about the relationship with Pastor et al.

She may be one of the main characters or major people in this way, as there are many opportunities for Sauna even in the next movie. She is a girl who is anxious that she is a mystery point, including the relationship with the aforementioned Passable.

[Maya CUA]
· The third person who has been chasing Pass Paul and Sauna. Her name is Maya CUA.
· She belongs to the group and serves as a pope.
· It seems that we came to defeat the betrayal Pass Paul.
· Sheer is called Lavender.
· Direct the blade to Passable.

Miranda with less clue in three people. Two people (or Pashpacul are entrusted to Sauna), so if Sauna is the main character side, it will be a good enemy.

After transfer of Sauna, she asked that daughter… I fell Lavender Where did you skip Lavender after transfer. In terms of situation, she thinks that she is considered to be that daughter = Sauna, so why she is called Lavender rather than Sauna.

Maybe Ravenna may be a word that points to some position and symbols, not her name.