WRREDED US the new survival horror of the open world catches us with its atmosphere in its new trailer

The genre of Terror Games, has been one of the most important for the industry for decades, with proposals that have been able to make a gap between players sharing certain mechanics or ambience. Among them, franchises such as Silent Hill have served as inspiration to many other titles, influences we can find in WRONGED US.

The new title of Delusional Studios takes us to Explore a small abandoned city, where we will face all kinds of mysteries, we will have to resolve riddles and fight terrible monsters. In our chilling adventure, we can explore different areas of this city and interact with NPC.

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WRONGED US TAKE REFERENCES OF DARK SOULS, Silent Hill and Resident Evil Based on the study description Published by Gets, WORDED US is still at a very early moment of development. This has been a personal project that has been extended throughout the year and a half and currently, the study is hiring personnel to complete the project. The developer talks about his influences, where he would have taken the mission style that the NPCs deliver and how they are integrated into the world of Dark Souls.

It also refers to the atmosphere, the story and the scenarios of silent hill, combining it with some mechanics and gameplay closer to Resident Evil. We just need to see the Gameplay Teaser that the study has presented, to easily identify some of these references. We still do not have specific information about its launch, although the game is planned to reach PC and consoles over 2023. Meanwhile, this week we had access to news about the new Panchito Obama, Creator of Silent Hill.