DJ Pfeiffer I m curious what the coach sings

Even a snotty 1: 0 would be right to me, Darmstadt’s coach Torsten Lieberknecht said before the game against Erzgebirge AUE. Reddy it was not, Darmstadt was heavy against the initially heavily defensive cell Carter. In the second half, however, the lilies could rely on their top storm duo. Once again Luca Pfeiffer moved and brought the 2-1 victory with his leadership goal (62nd) on the way — the template came from his congenial storm partner Phillip Dietz.

With his 12th hit Pfeiffer passes in the internal ranking at Dietz (11), but there is no competition, but the striker after the game at Sky said, I think, otherwise he would not have placed over. Rather, one can see in such situations, that we understand each other really well. I would have just looked at me if he had shot the gate today.

In the final phase Darmstadt had to shake again after the headline of Ionic. For LieKerknecht also a reason to point out something again: There is always a lot about the great the league like Schalke or Welder. But AUE has been entitled to their existence in the 2nd Bundesliga for years. Here is the daily bread.

u U U U u U did i mfken stutter?
Does the coach sing?

The lilies passed the exam, brought the fourth victory in a row and are — at least until Sunday, when St. Pauli plays in Nuremberg (13.30 clock live! At Luca Pfeiffer) — again at the table tip of the 2nd league. Reason enough for a small celebration during the way home — and also Pfeiffer is responsible. The 25-year-old is at the SV Darmstadt not only responsible for the goal shooting, but also for the music selection — and maybe there is even a special singing deposit: This is a very long way home today, the guys can make themselves what can be made on what I’m curious what the coach sings today.