Continuous burner scorer viewers The half time balance of the Regionalliga S dwest

Continuous burner : With the goalkeepers Frank Lehmann (SV Elvers berg), Stephan Lauder (Michael Finks Offenbach), Like Hansen (TSV Staubach Hanger) and Nicolas Wrote (Hesse Kassel) and the defenders Jonas Ogler (TSG Balingen), Michael Fink (FC Given), Neil NASCAR (Hesse Kassel), Sebastian Zieleniecki (Offenbach) and Dominik Nathaniel (VfB Stuttgart II) have only completed the full 18 games over 1620 minutes. Even Ulm’s defensive chief Johannes Rather completed the 17 previous matches of his club complete (1530 minutes). The Regionally coaches thus sat down on resistance in the defensive.

Single trainer change in Frankfurt

Trainer change : Apropos Trainer — With Angelo Barrett, only a single coach had to take his hat this season: At the end of September, Barrettes had passed the PSV Frankfurt by continuing success, the sporting director Thomas Grendel returned to his double role and took over Also, that says about the coach bank again. There has been little, it has been brought: as a table-top last, the PSV is currently hovering in acute danger of descent. Since Breeders takeover, there were only two victories from nine games. All other 18 clubs rely on the coach bank so far — you know it — on resistance.

Auschwitz accurate and spotless from the point

Forager : That with Nick Auschwitz an ex-pro and former second division scorer at the top of the scorer list (15 matches in 17 games), surprised little. That on places 2 and 3 with Homburg’s Markus Mender (11/17) and Males Alessandro Brescia (10/17) follow two midfielders, but something is unusual. Incidentally, the Best Tor quot has none of these three: with 8 goals in 13 games Mustafa Aldrin (SV Elvers berg) meets every 92 minutes.

Penalty shooters : And again, Auschwitz is located in front: Five times, the 34-year-old had his team also cheered his point five times. Homburg’s Mender and Alms deliberately revealed all their four attempts.

Sinner : That the Bah linger SC occupies the last place of the fair play table, has its reasons. Care 45 yellow cards are also the negative value of the league like 3 red. Barely surprising so that with defender Older Local (7 yellow, 1 red card) a Basinger leads the list of Bad Boys. That it also works sporty fairly, ELDERSBURG (21 yellow, 2 red cards) and Ulm (32 yellow, 1 red card), which in terms of fairness rank all the top.

Offenbach Joker at the top and at the bottom

Joker : Four times one switched three times — the quota of Offenbach’s Dean Basic can be seen. Also, the quota of Jan Ferdinand (Balingen) and Aloud KUL (Stuttgart II) is true in two applications and two goals. The totals of the Joker table have also secured the Offenbach er: 13 times Midfielder Elsa med Rama came from the bank, for a hit it was just once.

CHEMISTRY 201: Heating Curve of Water

Spectators : 43.062 Spectators Overall, 4785 on average — the Offenbach er Michael Finks just have a subscription to 1 of the viewer table. With 16,350 spectators, the PSV Hesse Kassel does not even come to half of the stadium visitors (1816 on average). Ulm has just completed eight home games, but with 15 847 spectators but rank 2, which means a cut of 1980. Little enthusiasm spells in addition to the second teams of the TSG Cofferdam and the VfB Stuttgart also red-white Koblenz, whose home games on average just 297 visitors get lost.

Michael Finks use the biggest backdrop

Zambian : Suitable for its frenetic spectators, the OF also has the best home ligament. Of nine games seven were won, two lost. It is noteworthy but above all the Ulm’s balance sheet: On foreign places, the SSV is still unbeaten after nine play (7 victories, 2 draws) — just very resistant.