Fortnite Chapter 3 This day Episode ends 8 and will be the start event of the new phase

Fortnite seemed too quiet in recent weeks? Do not worry, Epic Games plans to accelerate our heart rate in early December. While the current battle pass reveals a planned end of season 8 for Sunday December 5, Data miners have managed to collect more information about the turns that are coming.

Fortnite Chapter 3 LIVE EVENT
According to Hyper, one of the most famous filtering in the world, The first season of Chapter 3 will begin on Tuesday, December 7, 2021, at the end of a black hole that will last two days (from December 5 to 6).

The same, again

Does that remind you of something? The event that ended the first chapter of the game, of course, on Sunday, October 13, 2019. A black hole had seized Fortnite; Game, official social networks… Literally there was no trace of Battle Royale for two days.

And then we know what happened: Fortnite returned two days later with chapter 2, and a new island full of new features.

Therefore, according to the filtration of recent data, a very similar process should occur for the transition from Chapter 2 to Chapter 3. In 2019, the black hole had a very powerful effect on the community, unleashing the most crazy theories. Therefore, the game had experienced one of the largest advertising campaigns in all its history.

Epic Games will certainly be surprised at day D. Chapter 3 of Fortnite provokes too many expectations of the community so that developers are satisfied with a simple black hole number 2. Surely the new island is an authentic madness and MGG will be there to see it.

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