In Battlefield 2042 you can be faster thanks to the wingsuit than with a helicopter

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The wing suit is one of the new gadgets that first occur battlefield 2,042nd Now a player has shown an impressive clip, how mobile you are with it. He has resorted to an old trick shooter.

What is this gadget? The wing suit allows you to slide down from almost any elevated location on the map. Here you can also build neat speed.

The gadget is part of the Sun dance specialists, with one also a very strong loadout for XPs farms can put together.

In the clip of timtheringitdyding you can see how powerful the gadget is and how fast you can move with it on the map — faster than driving or aircraft such as helicopters:

23-year-old shooter Trick makes you faster

How does the player that? To move you so over the map, you have to consider a few details.

The wing suit can already be activated from a low height, comparable to the parachute.
You are so fast on the road, but also loses height. A little practice will therefore be first necessary draufzuhaben to the controller.
The player is flying on the Map Cargo List (EGL.: manifesto) so flies from container to container.
is important to open the wing suit at the right time and close.
However, the model an old trick, because the player uses the so-called bunny hopping : With a small leap upon landing it prevents Sun dance loses when landing speed.
This Bunny Hop leads directly to the next wing suit flight, which is slower than the last.
Thus, the total distance traveled is greatly increased without that the player loses a lot of speed.

What is bunny hopping? In its basic form bunny hopping means that you jump during a forward movement in the right moment and hobbles so in an ever horsemen form through the map.

Is bunny hopping used properly, it does not lose speed and displaces ever your hatboxes what specific results very difficult. The method comes from the age-old shooter Quake from the late 90s. It was the first time in 1998 in a done Quake Quick used (via source runs.org).

The trick had been discovered already during the Open Beta of Battlefield 2042, then took advantage of players bunny hopping in conjunction with the grappling hook. But this has already been fixed before release.

Here the player uses a jump in the right moment to fly on and open directly after landing the wing suit again. This catapulted he sweeps ever and can so quickly on the map.

But the end of the clip also shows that can go wrong pretty quickly. The player lands directly at the touch of a tank and gets done.

Mixed opinions on Gadget — This is not a wing suit, but a jetpack

What the players say? Those are pretty torn. On the one hand celebrate the gadget because its incredibly fun, so to dash across the map. On the other hand, they complain that the wing suit much is too powerful and also destroy the immersion of the realistic battlefield.

Some find the wing suit also just funny and make comparisons to other games. Find Insincere Apple2656 that the gadget to the raccoon suit from Super Mario recalls. (via Reddit)

Benchmarking with Spider-Man, Apex Legends and titanium case be drawn.

Noir Vena-Cava writes: This looks like a jetpack, not like a wing suit (via Reddit). Trickiest COL thinks so: The wing suit must be adapted so that it only above a certain height, for example, a 2-story building works. Another poorly implemented design feature (via Reddit).

Medium0rare replies to: Maybe. From the video, it looks as if [Sun dance] the only fun part of the game.

R15K commented: If you had the shown month ago and told me: This is the next Battlefield, I would have called you a liar and not believed to install it.

What do you think of wing suit? Do you see it as a useful innovation? Or he does not fit for you to Battlefield?

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