The new players of the Rocket League crushed the servers

Epic Games, formerly Epic Mega games (additionally called EPIC), is an American growth workshop as well as a cary-based video game supplier in North Carolina. The studio is 40% owned by the Chinese Web Giant Tencent but the founder of the studio, Tim Sweeney, retains full control of the studio with 51% of the shares.

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Shortly after becoming a free game on the Epic Games Store and the consoles, the Rocket League servers quickly crushed. The last update has made Rocket League free for everyone, and apparently many people who had not tried it wanted it. So that Epic Games and Psionic had not anticipated the influx of players and their servers were unable to handle the load. Rocket League is available for free trial on Epic Games Store, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

The tournaments, the challenges and other features of the Rocket League are affected by this degradation, said a recent article on the official Twitter page of the Rocket League. Updates to follow when online services are restored. Since their crash after becoming free-to-play, Psionic and Epic Games have brought back to all fans, new and old, and it is likely that they will have new player numbers to show shortly. According to the community of Rocket League, competitive tournaments are rising, but capacity can still be limited because we monitor stability.

It is normal that things go wrong for online multiplayer games on launch day, but Epic Games and Psionic were just creating an extremely popular free game. Apparently, enough people who had not tried Rocket League had planned to try the title, because once it had become free, the waiters placed and sowed chaos in the community. The last update may have made the game free, but it is an expected change since Epic Games has acquired Psionic and discussed the way Rocket League could change.

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Are you a new fan of the Rocket League who is happy that the game is free now or are you a veteran that prefers stable servers? Let us know in the comments below!

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