Gran Saga Delivery starts The day after the day the day is achieved earlier Decided to carry out a gift distribution that commemorates one million downloads x 2028 Official Twitter Held a gift for photos taken in the

The application game Gran Saga for smartphone offered by Pixel Co., Ltd. has reached a million downloads early on the day after delivery start, and commemorates the achievement of 1 million downloads and informed the user to implement the present distribution.

App GRAN SAGA (GRAN SAGA) (Operation: GAMEPLAY Co., Ltd.) provided by Pixel Co., Ltd. has ever reached one million downloads early after delivery. In commemoration of the 12 million downloads, we will distribute the present distribution to users.
In addition, the official Twitter will hold a Gran Sagas Nap Photo Contest that gives a present in the post of photos taken in the game.

Achieved 1 million downloads early on the day after delivery start!

Grands, who started official service on November 18 (Thu), thanks to you, thanks to the 1 million downloads today.
Users are grateful, and distributes 500 diamonds in the game. Presents will be distributed to mailboxes in the game.

[Receive deadline]
2021/12/3 23:59

Gran Saga will continue to enjoy various events and content in the future so that you can enjoy the maximum. If you have not yet downloaded, please enjoy Gran Saga after downloading.

Gran Saga app Download Link

App Store: HTTPS: //apps.apple.com/app/gran-saga/id1578231174
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details? ID = com.pixel.gransagajp

App STORE Free Rank 1 to carry out a present distribution

In commemoration of the first place of APP Store free ranking acquired on November 17, we have implemented a present distribution for users who are playing Gran Saga. Presents will be distributed to mail in the game.
The following is the details.

[Distribution contents]
1,000 diamonds

[Receive deadline]
2021/12/3 23:59

Held Grans Gas Nap Photography Contest commemorating 1 million DL achievement!

After posting a picture taken in the game with a hashtag for a campaign, we will hold a Gran-Sagas Nap Photograph Contest to give a diamond 3,000 to 10 people by lottery. Please join us.

implementation period
2021/11/23 23:59

application method
1 Gran Saga official Twitter (Granada RPG) followed
2 Shooting using camera modes in the game
3 Post two photos and 【 Gran Saga Slower

Gran Saga

Gran Saga is an original game work for smartphones drawn with the highest quality. Based on the RPG of the royal road, it is a game that is loved around the world, high quality 3D graphics by Unreal Engine 4, Yukon Pirogi, Full Voice Story by Sakai Overlooking Voice Actor, in the game BGM, Shimmer Yoko, Illustration and Logo Design for All Music Production, Team Amino, Gran Sagas theme song Kafka is handed by RADIUS completely.
In addition, the original animation by Nakamura Doha and the official Ambassador of Gran Saga will be delivered with the highest story of the story that focused on Friends by Mr. Touch Nob Aka and Mr. Kongo Nob Aka and Mr. Kane Nob Akira at the official Ambassador of Grand Saga. It is. In addition, we plan to release PC emulator beta version within 2021.

Gran Saga Unquestionably DEMOLISHES RECORDS!

Game information

Title: Gran Saga (Gran Saga) Genre: Soul RPG Development: Pixel Operation Co., Ltd.: Gameplay Platform: IOS / Android Price: Basic Free (Some Billing)


https://twitter.com/gransaga rpg


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