Epic Store These games are free next week

Epic Games has betrayed which games next week free in the Epic Games Store to download. This time is a game and a game collection or an enlargement package that you can download free of charge in the Epic Games Store.

What games are free in the Epic Games Store?

The free game of the week is The Hunter: Call of the Wild (own letter the Hunter: Call of the wild ). In the Open World Game, we take over the role of the title hunter, and our job is to hunt for all sorts of animals. Planning, tactical approach and observing the environment play an important role, promised an extremely realistic experience.

In addition, the hunting experience is supposed to be very individual designed, including choice of weapon, such as rifles or sheets, and different ammunition and bait species. A multiplayer option is also included. The rating at Metacritic is 64. Points.

The free add-on in the Epic Games Store

In order to be able to use the second gift of the week, you must first download one l Jetstream arcade, which is available from 25 November 2021 on Epic Games Store. The service is already available as an independent platform. It is less a game than a retro gaming service with over 1000 old classics. As a gift of the week you will receive 1090 Gems, this is the In game currency in Ant stream Arcade.

With GEMS, your games, challenges and temporary tournaments can be unlocked. The games contained in Ant stream Arcade include Malaga, Earthworm Jim, Mortal Combat Classic and Pac-Man. The full list of games on Ant stream Arcade can be found here.

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How can I get free games in the Epic Game Store?

If you have a Epic Games account, you can be the Hunter: Call of the Wild and Ant stream Arcade, including the 1090 Gems between November 25 and December 2, 2021, in the Epic Games Store Download on the PC. The activation always takes place Thursday at 17.00 clock. Then you have a week to link the games with your account. Then the games belong to you, and you can play them permanently and also download them again.

What games are currently in the Epic Games Store for free?

Currently, you can in the Epic Games Store the Dungeon Construction RPG Guild of Dungeoneeering, the Alaska Adventure Never Alone and the virtual Radiohead exhibition Kid A Amnesia: Exhibition Free download.

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