Multiversus is real and here is your first trailer

One of the biggest rumors of recent months has become reality. By means of a trailer, has been confirmed that multiverses, the Warner Bros SMASH. With properties such as Batman, adventure time, Game of Thrones and more, it is official, and will be available next year.

By means of a trailer, it has been confirmed that multiverses is a free-to-play game that will reach consoles and PC next year, developed by Player First Games. One of the greatest differences compared to other titles in gender, is a focus on 2v2 games. While this title offers a single player experience, some mechanics are made for cooperative mode.

As they could see, this game has an extensive list of characters from the properties of Warner Bros. from DC, passing through Cartoon Network, to HBO. Yes, That includes the Shaggy Ultra Instinct. Some of these fighters even have their original voices.

multiverses will come as a free-to-play game to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC at some point of 2022. The title will have CROSS-PLAY between all platforms, and we will also see free updates that will add more characters, scenarios and game modes. You can now register here.

On related topics, the possible release date of Hogwarts legacy has been revealed. Similarly, the developers of Shadow of War are already working on a new game.

Editor s note:

MultiVersus - Official First Look Reveal

It is real. Maybe you can not believe it, but this is real. After the failure that was NICKELODEON ALL-STARS BRAWL, we hope that Player First Games developers take into account that using their properties is not enough, and it is necessary to make a good game first.