Epic Games says Apple needs to be stopped and Google is crazy

For more than a year, the makers of Fortnite, Epic Games, in Legal Dispute with the iPhone company Apple and the search engine Giant Google. The accusation: both use monopoly positions.

Epic Games has won for the time being for the time being. Epic Chef Tim Sweeney is not satisfied with the result and weathering Harsh. Apple must stop and Google is crazy, said Sweeney. Why does he think so?

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Where did the hard allegations fell?

The wrong words fell as part of a conference in South Korea. There, the EPIC boss attacked Apple again and Google for their Duopoly position. Both dominate together almost completely the smartphone market with iPhones and Android devices.

What throws Epic Apple?

Apple locks billions of users in a single store with a single payment option. And Apple is now also working with foreign authorities who monitor the users and kick political rights with feet, Tim Sweeney weathered.

What has Epic against Google?

Epic v. Apple trial is over. Here’s everything we learned.

That Google now requires fees in the Play Store, even if the company does not care about the payment processing, the EPIC boss called crazy. He said in the context of the Global Conference for Mobile Application Ecosystem Artiness in South Korea.

Does the legal dispute continue?

Will the Litigation between EPIC Games and the alleged Duopoly from Apple and Google continue? Quite possible, as combative as Epic Games shows in the form of the Chef Tim Sweeney.

Already in September, Epic Games was sentenced to a payment of damages over $6 million to Apple because of a violation of the App Stores guidelines. Apple was earned in return to allow alternative payment methods to external links.

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From Johannes Gearing
17.11.2021 at 12:57