Fortnite details his collaboration with Naruto El Ninja lands on the island with events maps and more content

Epic Games does not stop by add collaborations that enters all kinds of territories. While we already knew that Fortnite s parents were allied with Naruto, now they have revealed details related to such a decision: an idea that is accompanied by suits, unpublished objects, new maps and to an event That you will take the most ninja side of the players.

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Naruto, Leisure, Sakura and Takashi come to Fortnite as costumes Since its first announcement, Naruto and company have not taken a long time to land on the island of Fortnite, and they do it together with all kinds of content. For starters, Epic Games confirms the Naruto costume, as well as that of his friends Leisure, Sakura and Takashi, and a unique variant for each character. Along with this, they also arrive new objects as backpacker accessories, peaks that reference aspects of the series, gestures and a delta wing that simulates the beast of nine stamped queues within the protagonist. All this can be obtained separately or by lots that group several of the aforementioned elements.

NARUTO is in Fortnite!
Takashi will star a special event However, Epic Games goes further with its Naruto collaboration and has prepared a special event that will take the ninja skills of each player. In this sense, Takashi, also known as the Ninja copying, will appear on the island to propose to users different missions will be rewarded with booties related to the series, such as a traditional lunar with explosive seal. This event will give the players time, and it will remain active until the end of the season.

And, for those who prefer to approach this collaboration otherwise, Fortnite also opens The town of Sonora, an unpublished area that houses several adventures in the form of missions, and the Central with the Theme of Naruto, which is in the creative way of the game. However, these additives will not be available for a long time, since the people of Sonora will be active from today and until November 29, while the Creative Central is shortened until 23.

Therefore, Fortnite premieres a collaboration of the most complete next to the most iconic ninja in Japan, something that has just complement with a set of crafts that can be found on the Epic Games website. It is clear that Battle Royale goes ahead with all kinds of Temporary Associations, since, although they have just had a bump with the closure of the servers in China, the future appearance of Boba Fett, from Star Wars has already confirmed, and a new collaboration with Marvel.