Path of exile Delirium is now available for the PC

New items, capabilities and cluster Jewel system debut in the latest Challenge League.

The latest update and the Challenge League of Grinding Gear Games for WEG of Exile is now live with delirium. It shows players who explore mysterious fog scattered by Recast, where their worst fears manifest. The exploration of the delirium leads to harder opponents, but also to better rewards.

In addition to new unique items and skills, Delirium also introduces the new Cluster Jewel system. This can be bolted to the player s passive capability tree and unlock new passive capability points. Larger cluster jewels can even unlock new totals that can massively increase performance. However, you must spend passive points to use them. So think about it.

[Path of Exile] Delirium Mechanic Explained! Cluster Jewels Explained!
PAGE The Exile Delirium League is currently available for PC players. It will be released next week for Xbox One and PS4. In the meantime, the development team works on PAD of the exile 2 A new campaign with seven files, 19 new climb classes and a whole range of other gameplay revisions. It is currently planned for a beta version at the end of 2020.

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