Epic Games Store warms up with Little Inferno free until December 23

Whatever your opinion on Epic Games over the past year, it s hard to deny that they spoiled us for this festive season. Three days of quality independent titles, In the breach, ascension of Tower fall and yesterday Very hot, all offered for absolutely nothing. It is the donation season, and EPIC and developers who have provided their games for this promotion have adopted it.

No quality drop sign on the fourth day, like today, you can add the 2012 independent hit Little inferno to your free collection. It can be claimed until 11 am EST on December 23rd.

Free Games STEAM VS Free Games Epic Store

Developed by Tomorrow Corporation, a team of three people composed of one of the brains behind one of the games that launched the independent game development boom world of goo, Little inferno is a single player puzzle game with one Element sandbox, in which you are responsible for maintaining a fire in a fireplace as long as you can use a variety of objects in combination.

Each burned element gives you pieces that you can use to buy more items, which in combination with others allow you to keep burning fire longer. There is a certain strategy, and even if it is not quite at the level world of goo, it always gives a lot of fun, especially as the pressure goes up!

Littleton Inferno can be found on his boutique page on Epic Games Store, but if it suits you, but you prefer to play on another platform, it is available on Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch.