Epic Games Store Next week you will expect three free

Epic Games, previously Epic Mega games (additionally referred to as EPIC), is an American growth workshop and a cary-based video game supplier in North Carolina. The workshop is 40% had by the Chinese Net Giant Tencent but the founder of the studio, Tim Sweeney, keeps full control of the workshop with 51% of the activities.

Also, next week, the Epic Games Store back a few gifts to its users. Everyone with an account at the download platform can look forward to three free games from the 18th of November. The activation takes place as usual on Thursday at 5 pm. Then you have time for a week, so until 25 November, to link the titles with your play library. If this is done, you can keep the games permanently and play as often as you like.

These games await you

The first title is the Dungeon Building RPG Guild of Dungeoneeering. In this, you build the dungeon, which the local hero troop tries to conquer. The whole thing happens by cards that are pulled round. You placed rooms, monsters, fall, and so on. The game has already been available on Steam since July 2015 and is currently enjoying positive reviews there.

Furthermore, we would have Never Alone (ISIMA Ingitchuna). The Alaska adventure is a sympathetic puzzle game with a chic environment and lovable heroes. As we write in our test to the game, but behind Never Alone is still much more.

???? LIVE Reveal of next free games on Epic Games Store

Most recently, EPIC users still receive Kid A Amnesia Exhibition, which is actually published on this date. The game is described as a digital-analogue universe that is upside down. Created from original artworks and recordings to celebrate the 21st anniversary of Radio heads Kid A and Amnesiac. Radiohead s fans are allowed to be happy.

By the way, by November 15, 2021, you have the opportunity to get a €10 voucher for the Epic Games Store. For this you only have to subscribe to the newsletter of Epic Games.

From Daniel Link
11.11.2021 at 18:23