Fortnite Update brings new weapon and improves the tilting world

Epic Games plays a hotfix for the Fortnite Update 18.30. On your website, the developers share the patch Notes — and thus details of the changes in the update. In the context of the island defense, you have tuned with your ingot for financing the martial tower rifle — a new assault rifle variation —, the developers and complement the fact that another weapon of the combat class is available in the Battle-Royale shooter. Players can now resort to the already completely produced combat pistol.

As is the martial tower rifle, the fighting pistol has a little scattering and enormous impact. EPIC Games continue: However, this clue is also associated with a strong recoil. So it requires a practiced shooter to exploit your full potential. The battle pistols can be found in chests, on the ground or fishing. The regular pistol was placed in the safe. The small update also improved the tilting world gun slightly. So it reaches the supermodel faster than before. The mode is also active and more precise.

The Fortnite Update 18.40, on the other hand, will be refilled as download in the next week, as we reported recently. The coming patch contains, among other things, the Creative Accolade Device. The publication is scheduled for 16 November. Next Tuesday should be expected again with a server-downtime. Following the maintenance work, the update is finally available for download.

New MYTHIC THROWING AXE in Fortnite Update!
From David Martin
10.11.2021 at 06:15