How long is the Back 4 Blood campaign and how many missions are there

Back 4 Blood is the spiritual successor of FPS Zombie cooperative Left 4 Dead de Valve more than a decade ago. By bringing more action to four players on our screens, players can participate in the campaign either alone with bots or three friends. There is also a PVP swarm mode for those who want to try to be a mounted human survivor, tearing member by member. However, in this guide we will explain how long the Back 4 Blood campaign, and how many missions and chapters are there depends on you work.

How long is the Back 4 Bloodla campaign?

Approximately 6 hours are needed to beat Back 4 Blood of the Difficulty Recruit campaign. This allowed us to explore a bit the levels as we moved, but we did not find any of the secrets hidden in particular chapters, as shown in the list of achievement of the game.

If you are looking to play in the most difficult survival or nightmare difficulties, you can expect a Back 4 Blood Campaign game a little longer while you die and you have to try different sections again. In addition, the ridden swarms that are approached will be much larger and, usually, it will take longer to deal with them before continuing.

All acts, chapters and missions in Back 4 Blood

In terms of how much time Back 4 Blood is in terms of missions, it has four acts, with 10 chapters and 32 missions to complete through them. We provide a complete breakdown of all of these below:

ACT 1 – Resurgence

The return of the devil
Blood Tunnel
Train of pain
The passage

Search and rescue
A sweep
Reserve worms
Blitz in the bar room

Darkness before dawn
Special delivery

Blue Dog Hollow
Bad seeds
The bells of the underworld
The sound of thunder

Act 2 – A call to arms

A call to arms
Maintenance staff

Plan B
Pipe cleaners
Trailer in the trash
The obstruction

Work 10: 22
Worm heralds part 1
Worm heralds part 2
Serious danger

ACT 3 – More

Neighborhood Dr. Rogers
Further away
Flaming trails
Cabañas next to the lake
Garden Party

A friend needed
Make the note
The way to hell
The landfill.

ACT 4 – The Abomination

That s all you need to know how much time Back 4 Blood takes to overcome. To get more information about the game, find Back or consult our coverage below.

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