Guild Wars 2 New Strikes in End of Dragons should RAID

The demanding instances of Guild Wars 2 is currently divided into fractals, raids and strikes. The latter have been introduced with the Eisbrut saga and generally much shorter, but also easier than Raids. but Casuals they are partly just too hard and for veterans not demanding enough. is to know the developers, it is why the extension end of Dragons a few changes to give that they have presented.

New Strikes are part of the story of End of Dragons

The new strikes of end of Dragons will be fighting from the main story of End of Dragons. There you expect souped-up, redesigned versions epic, exciting bosses of the story, where do you imagine in 10-player groups. Accordingly, a player does not miss the fights if he has no use for strikes. About these fights you get to know also important mechanisms. According to the developers, you will after playing through all strikes to be familiar with aspects such as fixing, stacking and distribute and kiting.
Strikes in the Eisbrut saga already use special mechanisms to keep in mind must. Source: Eisbrut

Challenge Mode for Strikes: fights like in the raid

The attack missions in the new expansion will all have a challenge mode, as known from the fractals of fog. In this 2.0-Strikes you expect greater challenges through advanced combat mechanics that you have to dominate, to be victorious. Here you really have with allies work together, coordinate and have quick reactions. In short, these encounters will feel like real raid bosses. says Cameron Rich, director of the Encounter team at ArenaNet. Raids in Guild Wars 2 are a big hassle for developers, and are now pretty put on hold – they were almost replaced by the simpler and smaller strikes that offer only one boss in an arena. Source: ArenaNet This makes the whole thing really challenging, the new version Strikes Challenge were first sketched in. The developers of which kill time can be assumed, must achieve what damage values ​​players and how the unique mechanics determines what happens checked.

When that was settled, the story and normal versions of the strikes were simply adjusted by the difficult aspects have been removed. In simple versions, then the goal should learn that players new skills which they need for the Challenge mode. Just as well Challenge fractals were created – inasmuch as you can check out at these oriented when it comes to the expectations of end of Dragons. The Strike-challenge modes will be released in the weeks after the release of End of Dragons, so that players can familiarize themselves with new specs and Strikes. Who creates Summit Sunqua in Challenge Mode the fractal, may be an exclusive abyss Fractal weapon pick. Source: ArenaNet

announced comfort feature for old Strikes

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Strike Missions News & Thoughts - Guild Wars 2 News Oct 29th 2021

The monetary system of attack missions had been causing a frustration among players in the past. Many different currencies from the individual strikes – that might no. So there will be a single currency in EoD can buy with it after successful strikes rewards, including items that random drops are in the strikes. The Strikes of Eisbrut saga be adjusted as follows: A single currency will be available in future. Moreover, their currencies from EoD strikes against the will of Eisbrut saga can exchange. In this way you can you let off steam in the new content and unlock older still rewards.

source | ArenaNet

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