Private Star Wars Amy Hennig consoles with a game Marvel AAA

The crossing of the desert finally finished with Amy Hennig. After experiencing in love at Naughty Dog and a brutal closure at Visceral Games, the one that forged his reputation on the Legacy of Kain and Uncharted franchises puts on the stirrup with a blockbuster marvel stamp.

BREAKING NEWS: BRAND NEW AAA MARVEL GAME in Development by Skydance New Media Led by Amy Hennig!!!

It was to Skydance New Media, a young entity that Amy Hennig joined in September 2019, that Marvel therefore entrusted the realization of a new blockbuster in the narrative action-adventure genre. Logic, we do not solicit Madame Uncharted to make multiplayer or Royal Battle. His project Star Wars at Visceral Games was also registering in this register before Electronic Arts decided to close the studio in October 2017. Not scalded by this experience, Amy Hennig will have the opportunity to write a Original story in the world of Marvel. This will be the first game directed by this studio AAA led by Amy Hennig and Julian Beak, producer also landed with visceral games.

I can not imagine better partner than Marvel for our first game. The Marvel Universe embodies all the action, the mystery and the thrills of the kind adventure pulp that I love and lends itself perfectly to an interactive experience. C is an honor to be able to tell an original story with all humanity, complexity and humor that make the characters Marvel so endearing and allow our players to embody these heroes they like, rejoices Amy Hennig, Who gathered an indeterminate number of veteran developers of the AAA game, as well as consultants from television, cinema and comics.

Director, Producer and Screenwriter of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Amy Hennig has lived his most beautiful hours at Naughty Dog, first realizing Jak 3 with Jason Rubin then giving birth to the franchise Uncharted in a creative and screenwriter role. But the beginning of the development of Uncharted 4 is marked by a break with Naughty Dog. Then follows a white generation, his arrival at Visceral Games in the spring of 2014 running short when Electronic Arts announces the closure of the studio of San Francisco. Since last month, we also know that Amy Hennig has participated in the design of the Forspoken of Square Enix as a consultant in 2019.